Every Child a Graduate. Every Graduate Prepared.


PLAN 2020 Goals: 2020 Professionals

  1. Every child is taught by a well-prepared, resourced, supported, and effective teacher.
  2. Every school is led by a well-prepared, resourced, supported, and effective leader.
  3. Every school system is led by a prepared and supported visionary instructional leader.

EDUCATE/LEADAlabama promotes and supports the effective preparation, development, and evaluation of Alabama's instructional leaders and educators to insure that through effective professional practice all students graduate from high school prepared for college, technical school and/or careers. EDUCATE/LEADAlabama promotes and supports instructional leaders and educators with programs and projects guided by the:

EDUCATE/LEADAlabama is responsible for technical assistance and support for the new formative evaluation system for educators, EDUCATEAlabama as well as the new formative evaluation system for instructional leaders, LEADAlabama.

EDUCATE/LEADAlabama also supports the work of the Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD). The ACLD provides advice for the development of a seamless system of professional development for Alabama’s instructional leaders and is responsible for defining the criteria and approval process for the endorsement of all professional study activities and programs designed to meet Professional Learning Unit (PLU) requirements for instructional leader certification renewal. Other programs supported under this section include the Prinicipal Candidate Semester Residency Program, Torchbearer Schools Program, and National Blue Ribbon School Program.

Jayne Meyer, Ed.D., Teaching and Leading Director, jmeyer@alsde.edu
Instructional Leadership

Angela Mangum, Ph.D., Project Administrator, amangum@alsde.edu
Torchbearer Schools Program
Prinicipal Candidate Semester Residency

Telena Madison, Project Administrator, tmadison@alsde.edu
Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD)
Instructional Leadership Professional Study
Professional Learning Unit (PLU) administration
National Blue Ribbon School Program

Chris McDuffie, Project Administrator, cmcduffie@alsde.edu
Technical Support, EDUCATEAlabama and LEADAlabama
Technology and Communications

To learn more about programs and projects in EDUCATE/LEADAlabama, visit:

Questions may be directed to one of the EDUCATE/LEADAlabama program administrators listed above and the support staff at (334) 242-9962, or via e-mail at sburton@alsde.edu to Shannon Burton, Administrative Assistant. Your inquiries are welcome.