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ALSDE: Special Education - FAQs

Question:   I can't get a document to open. What can I do?

Answer:   The most common problem users are having when trying to open our documents is that they need to upgrade to the most current version of their browser, and do a "full" install not just the "recommended" install.

Question:   What is a functional behavioral assessment (FBA)?

Answer:   Please see the following document: https://docs.alsde.edu/documents/65/FBA_Functional%20Behavior%20Assesssment.PDF

Question:   Where can I find information about preschool?

Answer:   Please refer to the following document: https://docs.alsde.edu/documents/65/HANDBOOK.pdf

Question:   Where can I find The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)?

Answer:   Please go to the following website: http://www.alex.state.al.us