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SOP Summary of Progress and Accommodations.dotThe Summary of Progress and Accommodations is dated 02/05/08. The Summary of Progress and Accommodations form documents student present level of performance, effective accommodations and supports. It is a required component of the Summary of Performance.Microsoft Word36 KB7/24/20087/24/2008
Alabama Occupational Diploma Q and A 2010.pdf PDF39 KB6/30/20106/30/2010
SOP Student Input Form.dotThe Student Input Form is dated 02/05/08. The Student Input Form documents student information on accommodations and supports. It is a required component of the Summary of Performance. For information contact Alicia Myrick at amyrick@alsde.edu Microsoft Word58 KB7/24/20088/12/2011
Diploma_Options_Brochure_2008.pdfThis brochure describes the diploma/exit options available for high school students with disabilities in Alabama. Contact: Alicia Myrick at amyrick@alsde.eduPDF92 KB9/30/20088/12/2011
Alabama Occupational Diploma Manual 2010.pdfOn May 8, 1997, the Alabama State Board of Education adopted the Alabama Occupational Diploma (AOD) as a diploma option for students with disabilities. Each public agency shall offer students with disabilities as defined by the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) the option to earn an AOD in all high schools in Alabama. This manual outlines requirements and guidelines for Implementation For more information contact Alicia Myrick at amyrick@alsde.edu PDF633 KB7/16/20108/12/2011
AlabamaTransition Standards 2011.pdfAlabama’s Transition Standards have been developed as an expanded guide to provide a continuum of transition standards for grades 9-12 to assist in the development of fundamental transition skills needed for positive post-school outcomes. The NEW Alabama Transition Standards are based on a scope and sequence that includes the transition strands: (1) academics/training (AT), (2) occupations/careers (OC), (3) personal/social (PS), and (4) daily living (DL). These standards are to be used in the development of all Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) addressing transition, as well as implementation in a variety of courses (e.g., Transition Services I, Transition Elective) or integrated in other core courses. PDF1130 KB1/18/20121/18/2012
Transition_Services_II_DRAFT.pdfTransition Services II is designed to take the place of Workforce Essentials for students pursuing the Alabama Occupational Diploma (AOD), in the event Workforce Essentials is not available. Transition Services II can also be used as an elective course for students pursuing diploma options other than the AOD as deemed appropriate. Contact: Alicia Myrick, amyrick@alsde.edu PDF1503 KB3/8/20108/12/2011
Transition Standards and the IEP .pptPresentation at Alabama Transition Conference March 2010 Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation7101 KB5/10/20108/12/2011
YAiT Training 1.pptxYoung Adults in Transition power point that can be used at the first meeting. Includes an introduction to YAiT, activities, and topics for discussion. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation10523 KB9/20/20139/20/2013