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2014 IEP Training.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation20036 KB3/24/20143/24/2014
2014 IEP Training Notes.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation8590 KB3/24/20143/24/2014
CASE2014Preschool.pptxStandards Based IEP’s for Preschool Children Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation14973 KB3/5/20143/5/2014
Annual Reports Data Collections and Submission Sept 2013.pptxThis PowerPoint was presented at the Novice Coordinator’s Meeting held September 16, 2013 in Clanton, AL on Annual Reports: Data Collections and Submissions.Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation297 KB9/16/20139/16/2013
MEGA 2013 Preschool Updates.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation5048 KB7/22/20137/22/2013
Child Count Annual Data Report Submissions August 2012.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation361 KB8/9/20128/9/2012
eGAP Presentation August 2012.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation8720 KB8/9/20128/9/2012
SPP-APR Presentation August 2012.ppt Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation28284 KB8/9/20128/9/2012
1 ALA-CASE 2010.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation2491 KB10/14/201010/14/2010
Elluminate SLI and Preschool DD Screening Powerpoint Presentation.pdf PDF356 KB8/17/20108/17/2010
504 ADA supplement for MEGA 2010 by Perry Zirkel.pdf PDF1098 KB8/17/20108/17/2010
RtI-CASE March 2010.pptPresented by Dr. Denise Gibbs at the ALA-CASE 2010 Spring Outreach Conference, March 16, 2010Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation267 KB4/19/20104/19/2010
Intervenions for Behavioral Issues.pdfPresented by Dr. Matthew Remick at the ALA-CASE 2010 Spring Outreach Conference, March 16, 2010.PDF973 KB3/22/20103/23/2010
Alabama CASE Top 8 Legal Issues.pdfPresented by Julie Weatherly, Resolutions in Special Education, Inc. at the ALA-CASE 2010 Spring Outreach Conference, March 16, 2010.PDF192 KB3/22/20103/23/2010
Special Needs Transportation Issues.pptThis presentation was made by Cathy Staggs at the CASE conference July 2009Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation933 KB8/3/20098/3/2009
SpEdLaw Primer Article.pdfDr. Perry Zirkel has granted permission to post this article that was part of his MEGA 2008 hand out.PDF53 KB7/22/20087/22/2008
Primer Special Ed Law.pdfDr. Perry Zirkel has granted permission to share his MEGA 2008 presentation handout on this website.PDF83 KB7/22/20087/22/2008
Response to Intervention Alabama Perdido Key.pptResponse to Intervention by John E. McCook, Ed. D. presented at SEACASE. January 2007Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation390 KB2/15/20072/15/2007
IDEA 2006 (short outline).pdfThe 2006 Regulations: The Changes that Impact Districts Most, presented by Melinda Baird at SEACASE, January 29-31, 2007PDF197 KB2/13/20072/13/2007