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ALSDE: School Improvement Grant - Documents

File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
FY 2010 SIG Minimum N Schools.pdf PDF4 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
List of Cohort 1 Schools.docxSIG Cohort 1 SchoolsMicrosoft Word11 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
List of Cohort 2 Schools.docxCohort 2 SchoolsMicrosoft Word11 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG LEA Meeting Agenda.docx Microsoft Word13 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG Cohort I LEA Summaries 11.2.12.docx Microsoft Word13 KB11/6/201211/6/2012
SIG Cohort II LEA Summaries 11.02.12.docx Microsoft Word14 KB11/6/201211/6/2012
Teacher Leader Evalaution timeline 11.30.12.docxTeacher/Leader Evaluation System TimelineMicrosoft Word15 KB11/30/201211/30/2012
FY 2011 SIG External Education Management Providers Memo.PDFFY 2011 SIG External Education Management Providersapplication/pdf37 KB4/1/20114/1/2011
FY 2010 SIG Non-Awarding of Tier III Schools.pdf PDF41 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
FY 2011 SIG RFA Memo.PDFFY 2011 SIG Request for Applications Memo application/pdf45 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
AL waiver letter to extend time period to use FY09 and FY10.PDF application/pdf47 KB9/16/20119/16/2011
FY 2010 SIG 1003g Waiver Request to Expand Tier II.pdf PDF51 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
FY 2010 SIG Funded Applications Letter.pdf PDF52 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
FY 2010 SIG 1003g Waiver Request for Minimum N.pdf PDF53 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
FY 2010 SIG Funded Applications 1003a.pdf PDF55 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
FY 2010 SIG eGAP Webinar Link.pdf PDF61 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
FY 2011 SIG Needs Assessment DRAFT.docxFY 2011 SIG Needs Assessment WORD FILEMicrosoft Word72 KB3/14/20113/14/2011
FY 2010 SIG 1003a Waiver Request.pdf PDF80 KB3/9/20113/9/2011
SIG FY 13 Cohort II Funds Waiver letter.pdfWaiver letter to Carryover SIG FY12 FundsPDF82 KB7/24/20127/24/2012
Final Award Letter_with chart_FY 11_Reg.pdfSIG Final Award letter FY11 RegularPDF84 KB8/3/20128/3/2012