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ALSDE: School Improvement Grant - Documents

File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
FY10 Funds Waiver letter and charts with FY 12 Continuation.pdf PDF2081 KB5/30/20135/30/2013
Coosa Extended Learning Time.pdfCoosa county Extended Learning Time for Central middle SchoolPDF607 KB5/14/20135/14/2013
John Essex Extended Learning time.pdfJohn Esses Increased learning Time DocumentationPDF96 KB5/9/20135/9/2013
Mobile CLC Extended learning time.pdf PDF185 KB5/8/20135/8/2013
Bullock County SIG Extended Learning Plan 2013 5.7.13.doc Microsoft Word226 KB5/8/20135/8/2013
Extended learning Time Schedules Set 1.pdf PDF976 KB5/8/20135/8/2013
Extended Learning Time Set 2.pdf PDF2073 KB5/8/20135/8/2013
Extended learning Time Schedules Set 3.pdf PDF185 KB5/8/20135/8/2013
Teacher Leader Evalaution timeline 11.30.12.docxTeacher/Leader Evaluation System TimelineMicrosoft Word15 KB11/30/201211/30/2012
SEA Guidance for SIG.docSIG GuidanceMicrosoft Word501 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG Regional Meeting Presentation.pptSIG Regional meetingsMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation4872 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG Regional Meeting Presentation.pptSIG Regional Meeting PresentationMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation4870 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
List of Cohort 2 Schools.docxCohort 2 SchoolsMicrosoft Word11 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
List of Cohort 1 Schools.docxSIG Cohort 1 SchoolsMicrosoft Word11 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG LEA Meeting Agenda.docx Microsoft Word13 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG TA Mini Webinar Session FY 2011 03182011.pptxSIG Mini WebinarMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation97 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
FY 2011 SIG Application TA-2 Webinar Presentation.pptxSIG TA2 Powerpoint Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation90 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
FY 2010 SIG Competition - Presentation.pptxSIG Competition PowerpointMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation1347 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG Information Session FY 2011.pptxSIG Informational Session FY2011Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation271 KB11/20/201211/20/2012
SIG Cohort I LEA Summaries 11.2.12.docx Microsoft Word13 KB11/6/201211/6/2012