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WHEREAS, the State Board of Education has placed in the Alabama Administrative Code the requirement that all Career/Technical Education programs will be certified to industry standards; and
WHEREAS, the State Department of Education, Career/Technical Education Section, desires to verify and maintain a documented and effective quality management system that meets organizational objectives and conforms with quality management system requirements for the business/industry certification process; and
WHEREAS, a registration assessment was conducted by ISO 9000-Certified SRI Quality System Registrar’s Lead Assessors with the primary contact for the Career/Technical Education Section being Ms. Patricia McSpadden, Education Administrator and ISO Management Representative; and
WHEREAS, the registration assessment followed the SRI Assessment Plan; the work of the assessment team was conducted under the applicable SRI assessment policies and procedures, and SRI Quality System Registrar holds current accreditation as a certification body for ISO; and
WHEREAS, all applicable elements of the quality management system were assessed in their entirety and details of the specific elements are presented in the completed auditor workbooks which are on file; and
WHEREAS, no nonconformances were cited during this assessment, and the assessed elements are documented in the “Assessment Summary Matrix” which is on file; and
WHEREAS, the Career/Technical Education Section was able to demonstrate the capability to implement and maintain an effective quality management system to meet the organization’s objectives in compliance with the quality management system requirements; and
WHEREAS, the SRI Assessment Team unconditionally recommended approval for ISO registration of the Business/Industry Certification process, one of only two unconditional recommendations during 2003; and
WHEREAS, the State of Alabama is the only state in the nation to require all career/technical education programs to be certified to industry standards; and
WHEREAS, Alabama is the only State Department of Education to hold an ISO registration:
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education does hereby recognize and support Alabama’s Career/Technical Education Section and the Business/Industry Certification process and reconfirms its commitment to excellence and high standards in career/technical programs statewide.