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WHEREAS, Mr. Bradley R. Byrne was appointed to the State Board of Education on November 18, 1994, by Governor Jim Folsom to represent District One and attended his first meeting as a member from District One on December 8, 1994; and
WHEREAS, on January 12, 1995, in a meeting of the Board Mr. Byrne made his first motion which was to adopt a resolution in appreciation of all outgoing State Board of Education members; and
WHEREAS, on September 13, 2002, in a meeting of the Board Mr. Byrne made his last motion which was to nominate Mrs. Sandra Ray as the Board delegate to the 2002 Alabama Association of School Boards Delegate Assembly; and
WHEREAS, in the span of time between January 12, 1995, and September 13, 2002, Mr. Byrne made numerous motions, seconded motions, added comments, provided thought-provoking questions, and stimulated interest statewide in the improvement of education for all students attending public schools; and
WHEREAS, some, but certainly not all, of Mr. Byrne¡¦s passions for improved public education included being a chief negotiator for the adoption of the Science Course of Study, helping to secure the services of Ed Richardson as State Superintendent of Education, working to adopt a revised Mission, Goals, and Strategies document, chairing the statewide Education Summit, supporting annual report cards for schools, school systems, the State of Alabama, as well as colleges of education and adult education, endorsing increased high school graduation requirements, negotiating and supporting the implementation of academic and financial status classifications of schools and school systems (Alert, Caution, and Clear), providing for intervention of certain Alert schools and/or school systems, supporting the creation of the Occupational Diploma option, providing leadership with Goals 2000 funds for Alabama schools for technology upgrades, fighting for state and national background checks for all new school personnel, encouraging the creation of the Dual Enrollment program, pushing for the adoption of the Board¡¦s Goals and Initiatives document, embracing a new student assessment program including a high school graduation exam plus other criterion and norm-referenced tests with added emphasis on writing and a system of evaluating and elevating passing scores, supporting the adoption of a No Pass/No Play statewide policy, providing support for the teacher/pupil ratio resolution, pushing for a resolution to the teacher testing issue in Alabama, and working with others to develop Standards and Benchmarks for Achieving Educational Adequacy (the forerunner of Realizing Every Alabama Child¡¦s Hopes„oREACH):
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the State of Alabama Board of Education does hereby thank Mr. Bradley R. Byrne for his service to the children, teachers, school administrators, and parents in Alabama and for his advocacy of high standards, accountability, stimulating questions and discussions, and overall elevation of the statewide mission of improving public education.