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WHEREAS, education is inherently a state issue since those closest to students – local schools, districts, and states – have always been best equipped to make appropriate educational decisions, including choosing academic content standards; and

WHEREAS, states have been working together for many years to identify the knowledge and skills in the foundational subjects of English language arts and mathematics necessary to succeed in college and careers after high school; and

WHEREAS, states, working with their own higher education and business communities to set high standards for high school completion, found those standards were becoming increasingly common across state lines; and

WHEREAS, 48 states agreed in 2009 to develop a set of internally benchmarked K-12 educational standards known as the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics that would better prepare students for success in college and careers by giving the academic foundation they need in the core subjects of English and mathematics; and

WHEREAS, this state-led collaboration effort occurred without federal funding, influence or input, utilizing the best standards of the states themselves and those of other countries; and

WHEREAS, more than 40 states have since, individually and on their own, chosen to adopt those high standards as their state’s K-12 standards in English and mathematics, with each state following its own specific constitutional processes, requirements, and prerogatives; and

WHEREAS, any federal government action, through administrative fiat or congressional act, to dictate or prescribe a particular set of academic content standards or to dictate how such standards are to be implemented is an intrusion into the states’ long-standing established rights and responsibilities to deliver K-12 education that violates fundamental principles of federalism; and

WHEREAS, Alabama teachers, leaders, college and university faculty, and lay citizens reviewed the Alabama Standards and the Common Core State Standards and compiled the best of both into the Alabama College- and Career-Ready Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts reflective of the aspirations Alabamians hold for all public school students to be prepared for college, career, and the workforce.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education does affirm the work of Alabama educators and others who recommended the adoption of the Alabama College- and Career-Ready Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts by adopting these academic content standards; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education does reaffirm the language in the November 18, 2010, resolution that states, “the Alabama State Board of Education will continue to be the sole and exclusive entity vested with the authority, without restriction, to adopt or revoke all academic standards in all subjects for students in the public schools of the state of Alabama, including the Common Core State Standards, without direct or indirect pressure or coercion by the United States government or any of its subdivisions and the Alabama State Board of Education will be kept apprised of any such activity.”

Done this 10th day of November 2011