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WHEREAS, the Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA) is a state-funded corporation founded in 1989 to operate the Alabama Supercomputer Center (ASC) and the Alabama Research and Education Network (AREN); and

WHEREAS, ASA provides Internet and technology for education; and

WHEREAS, ASA clients include research universities, four-year universities, postsecondary colleges, private colleges, K-12 public schools, public libraries, state agencies, local and federal governments, and private industry; and

WHEREAS, the state’s community colleges and K-12 public school systems represent the greatest demand for new growth, and to meet their needs ASA has developed a technical plan that will expand Internet access to all high schools and junior colleges in Alabama, pending appropriate funding, and the AREN Client Advisory Group has been expanded to include K-12 and two-year college representatives; and

WHEREAS, ASA is the networking technology partner for ACCESS – Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, & Students Statewide – Distance Learning, and is working to upgrade the Internet connectivity to participating schools and school systems through AREN; and

WHEREAS, ACCESS is a statewide distance learning education initiative that provides high-quality classroom courses and teachers, via technology, to ensure all Alabama students, especially those in smaller, rural schools, have opportunities to engage in advanced-level and elective courses that might not otherwise be available to them; and

WHEREAS, the vision of ACCESS in the state of Alabama will provide equal access to high-quality instruction to improve student achievement through distance learning; and

WHEREAS, ACCESS delivers courses to all Alabama public high school students using the connections provided by ASA; and

WHEREAS, the implementation of ACCESS labs in schools began in 2006 with a stated goal of having an ACCESS lab in every high school by 2010-2011; and

WHEREAS, 100 percent of Alabama public high schools, Grades 10-12, will start school in August 2009, ahead of the original 2010-2011 implementation schedule, with the most up-to-date, technology-rich, learning capabilities available anywhere; and

WHEREAS, ASA has provided Web development and hosting services since the inception of the national award-winning Web portal ALEX – Alabama Learning Exchange that was created by Technology Initiatives in the Alabama Department of Education and provides a one-stop, high-quality, free resource for educators, parents, and students to support teaching, learning, and leading:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education does hereby commend Randy Fulmer, Chief Executive Officer, and the work of the Alabama Supercomputer Authority and does hereby express its appreciation for their support of and service to education.

Done this 11th day of December 2008.