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ALSDE: Office of General Counsel - Links

Lee v. Macon - Consent Decree   Link to Lee v. Macon documents

A Department of Finance calculator to compute the present value factor for disability claims.   This calculator computes a Present Value factor of Future Payments discounted at a discount rate of 6.0%.

Alabama Attorney General's website   Office of the Alabama Attorney General website - Updated Guidelines for Religious Activities in Schools

Alabama Council of School Board Attorneys   This is a link to the Alabama Council of School Board Attorneys. It contains useful information regarding education law and law practice. The website is part of the Alabama Association of School Boards.

Alabama Department of Education office of Teaching and Leading   This is a link to the Alabama Department of Education Sections of Teacher Education and Certification, where you can find information regarding teacher certification requirements, education requirements, and a selection of pertinent Alabama statutes or regulations.

Alabama Sex Offender Registry   This website provides information on registered sex offenders in Alabama.

Office of the Attorney General   Office of the Alabama Attorney General's website

The Alabama Administrative Code   This is a link to the entire Alabama Administrative Code. The Administrative Code for the Board of Education is in Title 290.

The Alabama Administrative Monthly   This is link to a montly publication showing changes or proposed changes to the Alabama Administrative Code. Generally speaking, if you wish to change the Alabama Administrative Code you must first publish a notice of those proposed changes in the Administrative Monthly.

The Alabama Board of Adjustment   This is a link to the website for the Alabama Board of Adjustment. One can find downloadable claim forms and other materials posted there.

The Code of Alabama   This is a link to the Code of Alabama. In other words, this is a link to the laws of Alabama that have been enacted by the State Legislature and have been codified. Not all laws passed by the State Legislature are codified, especially if they pertain only to one county, for example.

United States Dept. of Justice Sex Offender Website   This U.S. government website provides, but does not directly update, information regarding sex offenders across the United States.