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Question:   How many schools are currently ARI sites? Where are they located?

Answer:   Currently, all elementary schools in Alabama are ARI schools, as well as 13 secondary schools. Various secondary schools have also received training and are considered ARI schools although they do not receive funding for a school coach. More information about ARI and the schools can be found on our website at http://alex.state.al.us/ari.

Question:   What sets ARI apart from other reading programs?

Answer:   The ARI is not a program, but an ongoing professional development opportunity for a school faculty. It is a research-based extensive teacher-training program to show teachers how to achieve high levels of literacy for all of their students. ARI professional development empowers teachers with the content knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to be successful with all students, especially those that challenge them the most – struggling readers.

Question:   Does the ARI only target struggling readers?

Answer:   No, the ARI targets reading achievement of Alabama students on three fronts: beginning reading, expanding reading power, and effective intervention. Click here to read more about the knowledge and skills teachers need in these three areas.

Question:   Is any ARI training available for individual teachers who are new to an ARI school?

Answer:   The eleven regional in-service centers located throughout the state periodically offer professional development for new hires and additional abbreviated sessions on the various ARI modules. Check with your local in-service center or contact ARI at the number listed on the "about" page for more information.