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WHEREAS, Mr. Gary B. Warren, a resident of Haleyville, Alabama, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agribusiness at Auburn University and a Master of Science Degree in Agribusiness Education at Mississippi State University; and

WHEREAS, in January 2009, Mr. Warren began his first term representing District Seven on the Alabama State Board of Education and was elected President Pro Tem in January of 2011 and served as such until July 2012; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Warren has conducted the affairs of the Board with fairness and distinction during his tenure, presiding over Elementary and Secondary Education, as well as Postsecondary Education matters; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Warren served the Board through support and/or adoption of some of Alabama’s most comprehensive and progressive education reform, including the Students First Act, which protects teachers while giving local school systems the authority to replace ineffective or problem educators; the Every Child a Graduate plan focused on increasing the graduation rate in Alabama high schools; and the Alabama College- and Career-Ready Standards, which increase the rigor of Alabama educational standards to meet or exceed that of other states; and

WHEREAS, during Mr. Warren’s tenure on the Alabama State Board of Education, Alabama public schools have benefitted from his unwavering promotion of state-of-the-art career and technical education programs to help create a strong and educated workforce for the state; and for his drive to create lasting secondary education partnerships with communities and postsecondary education in order to benefit all students; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Warren’s professional accomplishments include: Career and Technical Education Director and Technology Coordinator for Haleyville City Schools for over 15 years, Building Construction Instructor, Haleyville Chamber of Commerce Board member, Rotary Club member, and Alabama Future Farmers of America advisor in addition to his many leadership roles, community involvements, and honors; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Warren leaves the Alabama State Board of Education with a broad range of professional and educational accomplishments, and with the assurance that the contributions he has made to Alabama’s educational standing have been positive and made with the interest of the students in mind:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education and Alabama State Department of Education publically offers a debt of gratitude for the governance and leadership that Mr. Gary Warren has shown through his hard work, commitment, and dedication to public education and to the students of the great state of Alabama.

Done this 10th day of January 2013