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WHEREAS, profound economic and technological changes in our society are rapidly reflected in the structure and nature of work, thereby placing new and additional responsibilities on our educational system; and

WHEREAS, the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals and other national organizations have proclaimed the month of September as Workforce Development Month; and

WHEREAS, the economic development of every region in our nation and also the ability of American businesses to compete in the global economy have become more dependent on the availability of a quality workforce; and

WHEREAS, today’s employers are more focused on recruiting and also retaining a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce; and

WHEREAS, Alabama’s career and technical education (CTE) programs are successfully partnering with international business and industry to ensure students are equipped with the advanced communication, time management, and leadership skills required for lifelong success; and

WHEREAS, Alabama’s CTE programs are also continually providing students with opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience through apprenticeships, internships, and cooperative education programs; and

WHEREAS, current research shows that 46 percent of small and medium American employers report difficulty in finding qualified employees; and

WHEREAS, the overall unemployment rate for Alabama dropped from 9.3 percent in January 2011 to 8.0 percent in December, which was the lowest unemployment rate of any state in the Southeast region; and

WHEREAS, Alabama’s state officials, business professionals, and local community leaders work closely together to bring great new employment opportunities to our state; and

WHEREAS, ten Regional Workforce Development Councils have been established in Alabama to provide a direct link to the workforce needs of business and industry at the local level; and

WHEREAS, these Regional Workforce Development Councils are business-driven and business-led and work with their member counties to develop regional strategic plans and comprehensive workforce development systems to support local economic development; and

WHEREAS, earlier this year, Governor Robert Bentley joined top executives from Airbus and national economic development leaders in formally announcing Airbus’ decision in selecting the state of Alabama as the site for its first U.S.-based production facility; and

WHEREAS, this year Governor Robert Bentley also announced a new agreement with Austal USA, which promises to provide thousands of new full-time career opportunities in Alabama; and

WHEREAS, Alabama’s educational programs and innovative initiatives have shown a genuine commitment to preparing students for “life after high school” by providing them opportunities to earn a nationally respected diploma, industry recognized credentials, and receive college credit while still in high school; and

WHEREAS, the State Superintendent of Education recommends approval:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education does hereby proclaim September 1-30, 2012, as Workforce Development Month and encourages local boards of education, schools, business professionals, and local educational organizations to participate in this celebration through activities that demonstrate the importance of Alabama’s education programs in preparing students for great career opportunities and academic excellence.

Done this 13th day of September 2012.