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WHEREAS, David F. Byers, Jr., began serving his first term representing District Six on the Alabama State Board of Education in January 1995, served as President Pro Tem from July 8, 2003, to July 13, 2004; Vice President from July 13, 2004, to October 14, 2004, and from July 10, 2007, to July 8, 2008, and will complete his fourth term in January 2011; and

WHEREAS, during his 16 years of service on the Alabama State Board of Education, David Byers has dedicated himself to the improvement of education for all students attending public schools in District Six and statewide; and

WHEREAS, during David Byers’ tenure on the Alabama State Board of Education, Alabama public schools have benefitted from the creation and implementation of the Alabama Reading Initiative; the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative; ACCESS - Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide; the Alabama Learning Exchange, or ALEX; the expansion of Advanced Placement courses to every high school in the state through distance learning; Annual Report Cards; Teacher Education Report Cards; the Educational Ruler; Principal and Superintendent Leadership Academies; Torchbearer Schools; Graduation Coaches; FIRST CHOICE; and the adoption of the Common Core State Standards; and

WHEREAS, among his many leadership roles, community involvements, and honors, David Byers is a member of Class X of Leadership Alabama, the Education Leaders Council, the American Bar Association, the Alabama Bar Association and the Professional Advisors Committee of the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham; and he is a past chairman of the Board of Directors of The King’s Ranch – a home for abused and neglected children:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Education do hereby proudly and publicly express their deepest gratitude to David F. Byers, Jr., for his unselfish service and commitment to public education and his professionalism during nearly two decades on the Alabama State Board of Education, and for bringing public education in Alabama into the new millennium; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we do hereby thank David F. Byers, Jr., for his service to the schools, students, educators, and parents in the state of Alabama and for his advocacy of high standards, accountability, and overall elevation of the statewide mission of improving public education.

Done this 9th day of December 2010