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WHEREAS, Governor Bob Riley has served eight years as President of the Alabama State Board of Education and will complete his second four-year term in January 2011; and

WHEREAS, Governor Bob Riley has been committed to offering all of Alabama’s children the world-class education they deserve and Alabama’s education system has seen more reforms during Governor Bob Riley’s administration than any in recent history; and

WHEREAS, Governor Bob Riley – a true champion and advocate for public education in Alabama – has collaborated with fellow Board members, and they have envisioned, launched, expanded and supported innovative educational reforms and initiatives including the Alabama Reading Initiative, the Educational Ruler, the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI), A+ College Ready Advanced Placement, ACCESS Distance Learning, ALEX - the Alabama Learning Exchange, Torchbearer Schools, the Governor’s Commission on Quality Teaching, FIRST CHOICE, and the adoption of the Common Core State Standards; and

WHEREAS, since taking office in 2002, increasing education funding has been a priority, the number of Alabama Reading Initiative schools has more than doubled, AMSTI has grown from 20 schools to approximately half of Alabama’s K-12 public schools; and

WHEREAS, the ACCESS distance education initiative was the culmination of research and planning by Governor Bob Riley’s Task Force on Distance Learning and ACCESS grew from 20 pilot schools to 100 percent or all 371 of Alabama’s public high schools and the 100 percent implementation occurred one year ahead of schedule with the United States Distance Learning Association awarding Governor Riley the 2010 Eagle Award; and

WHEREAS, with the expansion of these reform initiatives, Alabama students led the nation in Advanced Placement score-improvement and their scores on other national tests have risen significantly, as well as seeing Alabama become a national leader in dropout prevention and improving the graduation rate; and

WHEREAS, as Alabama’s fifty-second governor, Governor Bob Riley proposed the largest school construction bond issue in state history, and those funds have built and repaired schools in every public school system in Alabama:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Alabama State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Education do hereby proudly and publicly express their deepest gratitude to Governor Bob Riley for his unselfish service and commitment to public education and to the state of Alabama, and for making Alabama be a leader in public education rather than a follower; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we do hereby thank Governor Bob Riley for his service to the people of Alabama and for his advocacy of high standards, accountability, ethics, and an overall elevation of the statewide mission of improving public education.

Done this 9th day of December 2010