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ALSDE: Vendor Information


Procedure for Requesting a Meeting:
Alabama's strategic plan for education for the next eight years is described in detail in the Alabama PLAN 2020. Please read and consider the priorities and the details described in PLAN 2020. Many products and structures are already in place to support and to monitor the progress toward these goals for Alabama's 2020 Learners, Support Systems, Professionals, and Schools/Systems.

If your product or service has significant potential to accelerate progress toward specific objectives described in PLAN 2020, please follow this procedure:

  1. Describe your product's or service's potential benefit to Alabama as it relates to specific objectives in PLAN 2020 in one page or less.
  2. Request a meeting by providing contact information and transmit your request electronically to the Deputy State Superintendent via the Vendor Contact Form.

Time has been reserved on the first Monday of most months for the opportunity to present your product. Requests will be evaluated based on their potential value in PLAN 2020 and our current need for such a product. Those products/services found to meet a current need will be scheduled for the first available Monday Vendor Presentation date on a first-come basis. Upon review of requests, the Deputy State Superintendent will respond to the contact person named by the vendor as the primary contact, either to schedule a meeting or to decline a meeting. Ultimately, the decision to hear a vendor's presentation becomes a question of what is best for the children of Alabama and the educators that serve them.

If your product or service does not have clear potential to accelerate progress toward the objectives described in PLAN 2020, please do not submit a request for a meeting.