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File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
2011-2012 APTTP Basic Skills Assessments Updates 6 2 2011.pdf application/pdf125 KB6/13/20116/13/2011
2011-2012 APTTP Praxis II Updates 6 2 2011.pdf application/pdf224 KB6/13/20116/13/2011
2012-13 Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Program Changes.pdf application/pdf80 KB8/9/20128/9/2012
Admission Requirements for Alt A Programs and Class AA Instructional Leadership Programs.pdf5-4-2011 memo from Dr. Johnson regarding admission requirements to Alternative Class A programs and Class AA Instructional Leadership programsapplication/pdf47 KB5/6/20115/6/2011
Admission to Alt A Teaching Field Programs and SAC and PC Certificates.pdf5-18-2009 memo from Dr. Morton regarding the option to use a Praxis II test score to meet admission requirements to Alternative Class A teaching field programs. The memo also announces application deadlines for SACs and PCs.application/pdf84 KB6/29/20096/29/2009
Admission to Alternative Class A or Traditional Class A TEP.pdf3-2-2007 memo from Dr. Morton regarding the required GPA for admission to Alternative Class A programs and the required prerequisite certificate for admission to traditional Class A programsapplication/pdf68 KB12/5/201112/5/2011
AlabamaHOUSSEMemo112006.pdfHQ Memorandumapplication/pdf43 KB6/5/20096/5/2009
Alternative Approaches to Earning a Professional Educator Certificate.pdf 6-4-09 memo from Dr. Johnson regarding alternative approaches to earning Professional Educator Certificates application/pdf71 KB6/29/20096/29/2009
Alternative Class A Unconditional Admission Requirements.pdf4-2-2013 memo from Dr. Bice regarding changes in the Praxis II test options for unconditional admission to Alternative Class A programsapplication/pdf41 KB4/5/20134/5/2013
Approaching Deadline for Completion of In-State or Out-of-State Programs in Ed Admin.pdf8-20-08 memo from Dr. Morton application/pdf265 KB6/5/20096/5/2009
Changes in Educational Administration Programs.pdf8-20-09 memo from Dr. Morton regarding phasing out educational administration programs and restricting certification in educational administration based on completion out-of-state programs. The memo also addresses the development of standards for Class AA instructional leader and teacher leader programs. application/pdf155 KB8/25/20098/25/2009
Changes Pertaining to ABC and CT ABC.pdf5/21/08 memo from Dr. Morton explaining recent changes in the Alternative Baccalaureate-Level Certificate (ABC) and Career Technical Alternative Baccalaureate-Level Certificate (CT ABC) application/pdf227 KB6/5/20096/5/2009
Clarification for Acceptance of the ABST.pdf5-13-2011 memo from Dr. Johnson clarifying the acceptance of the Alabama Basic Skills Test to meet the requirement for basic skills in the Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Programapplication/pdf54 KB5/13/20115/13/2011
Commitment to the Requirements of the APTTP.pdf5/22/08 memo from Dr. Morton on the basic skills and Praxis II testing requirements for certification application/pdf74 KB6/5/20096/5/2009
Conversion to PATs.pdf11/26/2006 memo from Dr. Johnson requesting conversion to PATs (Performance Assessment Templates) be complete by 7/1/2007 application/pdf206 KB6/5/20096/5/2009
Discontinued Use of ABST and AITCT 6 2 2011.pdf application/pdf49 KB6/13/20116/13/2011
Divided Internships.pdf10-24-2011 memo from Dr. Johnson regarding when internships may or may not be dividedapplication/pdf110 KB10/24/201110/24/2011
Fee Increase for Certificates and Licenses.pdf5/21/08 memo from Dr. Morton about the fee for certificates and licenses increasing from $20 to $30 for applications received on or after September 1, 2008 application/pdf46 KB6/5/20096/5/2009
Highly Qualified Status for Teachers of Reading updated 7-9-2010.pdf7-9-2010 memo from Dr. Morton announcing the new Preliminary Certificate through Exception option and the new HOUSSE application for selected teachers of reading (includes application forms) application/pdf730 KB7/14/20107/14/2010
Highly Qualified Status for Teachers of Reading.pdf5-6-2010 memo from Dr. Morton regarding highly qualified status for teachers of reading application/pdf109 KB5/12/20105/12/2010