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PLE - SY15-16 Calculations and Tool - Revised - USDA SP 03-2015 Revised.pdf application/pdf1150 KB7/10/20157/10/2015
SY15-16 PLE Tool - Revised 7-6-15.xlsx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet162 KB7/10/20157/10/2015
Commercially Available Alternatives to the USDA Certification Worksheets - State Memo.pdf application/pdf295 KB7/10/20157/10/2015
Student Meal Eligibility Updates for POS Systems SY16-State Memo.pdf application/pdf595 KB7/10/20157/10/2015
CEP Revised Department of Education Title I Guidance - USDA SP 35-2015.pdf application/pdf1231 KB6/4/20156/4/2015
Extension of the Deadline for LEA to Elect the CEP for SY15-16 - USDA SP 25-2015.pdf application/pdf1002 KB6/4/20156/4/2015
2015 Edition of Q and As for the NSLP SSO - USDA SP 37-2015.pdf application/pdf8154 KB6/3/20156/3/2015
Guidance on Prohibition of Seperation by Gender during CNP Meal Service - USDA SP 31-2015.pdf application/pdf1244 KB6/3/20156/3/2015
Statements Supporting Accom. for Children w Disabilities in CNP - USDA SP 32-2015.pdf application/pdf873 KB6/3/20156/3/2015
Voluntary Menu Labeling in the NSLP and SBP - USDA SP 36-2015.pdf application/pdf906 KB6/3/20156/3/2015
PLE Guidance for SY15-16 and SY16-17 - USDA SP 19-2015.pdf application/pdf1499 KB5/27/20155/27/2015
Q and A Related to the Smart Snack Interim Final Rule - USDA SP 23-2014v.3.pdf application/pdf6897 KB5/27/20155/27/2015
Paid Lunch Price Data for SY 12-13 - SP 23-2015a1.pdf application/pdf298 KB3/3/20153/3/2015
Paid Lunch Price Data for SY13-14 - SP 23-2015a2.pdf application/pdf296 KB3/3/20153/3/2015
Release of the Paid Lunch Price Data for SY12-13 and 13-14 - SP 23-2015.pdf application/pdf556 KB3/3/20153/3/2015
Best Practice Awards for 2015.pdf application/pdf2957 KB1/30/20151/30/2015
Flexibility for Whole Grain-Rich Pasta in SY14-15 and 15-16 QandA - R USDA SP 47-2014 v.2.pdf application/pdf2397 KB1/23/20151/23/2015
Paid Lunch Equity SY15-16 Calculations and Tool - R USDA SP 03-2015.pdf application/pdf1403 KB1/23/20151/23/2015
Paid Lunch Equity Tool SY15-16 - USDA SP 03-2015.xlsx application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet169 KB1/23/20151/23/2015
Q and As on SBP Meal Pattern in SY14-15 - USDA SP 43-2014.pdf application/pdf3289 KB1/23/20151/23/2015