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Advisory on Cheese Product Creditability 202-04-05.pdf application/pdf108 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Best Practice Awards for 2011 - 12-20-10.pdf application/pdf201 KB12/27/201012/27/2010
Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches.pdf application/pdf34 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
CategoricalEligibility.pdf application/pdf26 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
CategoricalEligibility.pdf application/pdf26 KB8/26/200912/29/2010
Disclosure Requirements for the Child Nutrition Programs - 1-24-11.pdf application/pdf317 KB1/27/20111/27/2011
Duration of Household F-R.pdf application/pdf35 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Effect of Busing on Area Eligibility for Seamless Summer Option and the Afterschool Snack Program -  application/pdf86 KB1/27/20111/27/2011
Fluid Milk Provisions.pdf application/pdf32 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Irradiation Requirements.pdf application/pdf20 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Medicare Prescription Card.pdf application/pdf33 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Nutrition Requirements.pdf application/pdf49 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Policy Memo Food Safety-JH.pdf application/pdf53 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Q and A Related to the Certification of Compliance with Meal Pattern Requirements for NSLP.pdf application/pdf7314 KB8/2/20128/2/2012
Q_and_A Extending_Categorical_Eligibility_to_Additional_Children_in_a_Household.pdf application/pdf218 KB10/27/201110/27/2011
QandA Milk Substitution for Children with Medical or Special Dietary Needs-USDA Memo.pdf application/pdf151 KB8/24/20128/24/2012
Re-Issuance of Policy.pdf application/pdf36 KB10/14/200910/14/2009
Salad Bars in the National School Lunch Program - 1-24-11.pdf application/pdf201 KB1/27/20111/27/2011
School Food Safety Inspections (Final Rule 09-02-09).pdf application/pdf51 KB9/4/200912/29/2010
School Food Safety Inspections (Final Rule 09-02-09).pdf application/pdf51 KB9/4/20099/4/2009