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ALSDE: Driver Education - Links

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources   This site provides a plethera of information concerning boating and oudoor safety.

Alabama Department of Public Safety   Excellent site for all questions related to Alabama laws, regulations and general information.

Alabama Department of Transportation   An excellent site for current information regarding Alabama's highway transportin system.

Alabama Power Company   Site provides educational material and information for your classroom.

Alabama Safe Routes to School   Website for the Alabama Safe Routes to School program.

Alabama State Department of Education   Information concerning our State Department of Education. Included is our updated Driver Education page.

American Automotive Association   Information on a wide variety of driver related concerns.

Anti-lock brakes education   Everything you need to know about anti-lock brake education.

Automobile Directory   Tons of information related to cars and trucks!!

Buckle Up America!   Site emphasizes seat belt use.

Critical Analysis Reporting Environment   Sign up for daily traffic accident report. Current data related to traffic accidents and fatalities in the state of Alabama.

Department of Motor Vehicles - US   Find out how other states are involved with Driver Education.

Drive Home Safe   Teen driving issues are found on this site.

Drivers and Driving in the US   Site for information involving the driving process.

Drug Abuse Information   Back-To-School information that is related to drug and alcohol abuse.

Information on insurance   Site that will answer many of your insurance concerns and questions.

Mr. Traffic   Great site for questions concerning traffic and the news media.

National Commision Against Drunk Driving   Group that focuses on anti-drunk driving issues.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration   A large amount of free information relating to vehicle safety is available.

National Institute for Alcohol Policies   Organization that will link you to information concerning alcohol related policies.

Operation Lifesaver   Site devoted to rail safety.

Safe Roads   Provides current information concerning national traffic safety topics.

Sample Learner License Tests   This site will allow you take a 20 question Learner License test (and it will give you a grade).

Traffic Safety   Site devoted to traffic safety and other issues in the area of driving.

US Department of Transportation   Site that gives a large amount of information in the area of traffic safety.