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ALSDE: Information Systems

Coordinator, Data and Development - Dominique 'Dom' Martel
Coordinator, Networking and Operations - Scott Crews
Phone: (334) 353-7018

The Information Systems section is responsible for all programming, technical, production control, and application development operations within the State Department of Education. Primary responsibilities include database management, software development, technical support, data management and analysis, functional analysis, and project management.

Additional responsibilities involve development and maintenance of the State Department of Education’s website, coordination of data systems services to school systems throughout the State, and report preparation and distribution in response to internal and external requests for information. Activities of this section include technical assistance, employee training, inventory and disposition of equipment, and equipment repair and maintenance.

Bill Simpson - SharePoint
Phone: (334) 353-1250
Charles Stringham - Database Administrator
Phone: (334) 353-1250
Charles Sullivan - Programming
Phone: (334) 353-1250
Dave Pope - Networking and Security
Phone: (334) 353-1250
Jeff Beams - Data Collections
Phone: (334) 353-1250
Nathan Yokobosky - End user Support
Phone: (334) 353-1250

Information Systems Helpdesk - Telephone: (334) 353-1250

LEA Data Collection