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ALSDE: Federal Programs

Section Hot Topics:  Reports

The major responsibilities of the Federal Programs Section are to administer all federally funded education programs and to provide technical assistance to local education agencies and schools by:
  • providing technical assistance related to federal programs in local education agencies and schools as part of Alabama's support process;
  • promoting, supervising, and coordinating statewide educational programs with federal programs;
  • assisting schools in developing, revising, and implementing their schoolwide, targeted assistance, and continuous improvement plans;
  • approving consolidated applications and amendments submitted by local education agencies.

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Name Major Responsibility Contact Information
Edmond Moore, Coordinator
(334) 242-8199
Electronic Grant Application/Egap, Title II emoore@alsde.edu
Sherlisa Barnes CSPR, Title VI, Region 10 sbarnes@alsde.edu
Audrie Bradford Region 8, HQ-Equity, Professional Development, Title II abradford@alsde.edu
Beth Joseph Region 6, eCIP, SW/TA, Distinguished School bjoseph@alsde.edu
Robbie Mangum N&D, STI/PD, IND ED, Region 7 rmangum@alsde.edu

Competitive Grants
Name Major Responsibility Contact Information
Joslyn Reddick, Administrator
(334) 242-8199
Competitive Grants, Preschool Education jreddick@alsde.edu
Yolanda Averett Parenting/Mentoring, Region 5 (and Region 4 - Choctaw Co.; Demopolis City; Fayette Co.; Greene Co.) yaverett@alsde.edu
Amanda Gann State Coordinator for McKinney-Vento Homeless Education, Region 1 (and Region 4 - Pickens Co.; Sumter Co.; Tuscaloosa City; Tuscaloosa Co.) agann@alsde.edu
Mark Ward Region 11, 21st CCLC, Community Education and Dependent Care, Region 11 (and Region 4 - Hale Co.; Lamar Co.; Linden City; Marengo Co.) mward@alsde.edu

State ESL/Migrant/Title III
Name Major Responsibility Contact Information
Cyndi Townley, Administrator
(334) 242-8199
State ESL/Migrant, Title III ctownley@alsde.edu
Mary Rose Cameron Private Schools, Evaluation, Region 2 mrcameron@alsde.edu
Peggy Haveard Migrant Education, Region 3 phaveard@alsde.edu
Dely Roberts Title III, Region 9 droberts@alsde.edu

Compliance Assistance and Program Support / Teacher Loan Forgiveness
Name Major Responsibility Contact Information
Novelette Seroyer, Administrator
(334) 242-8199
Monitoring, Teacher Loan Forgiveness, Committee of Practitioners, Contracts nseroyer@alsde.edu