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ALSDE: Payroll

Vanessa Reed, Payroll Supervisor - vreed@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9924

The SDE Payroll Unit processes all payroll activities for the department in order to meet deadlines and procedures set by the State Department of Finance and in accordance with departmental policies and procedures as well as State Personnel Board Rules to ensure salaries/payroll deductions are managed in a timely and accurate manner. Some of the payroll activities include salary changes; payroll deductions such as ASEA and AEA dues, deferred compensation, credit union, prepaid legal fees, garnishments, bankruptcies; all health insurance changes (not the miscellaneous insurance such as Liberty National…); address changes; beneficiary changes for the Teachers' Retirement System; processing of the TRS Form 10/Retirement Form; advice on leave procedures and policies, leave adjustments; verifies yearly longevity lists and retirement checklists; distribution of salary warrants, biweekly leave reports, retirement statements and W-2s . Other activities include managing the department's personnel files, new employees forms and orientation and verifications of employment.