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ALSDE: Personnel Training - FAQs

Question:   What hands-on training does the Training and Assessment Section at the Department offer?

Answer:   Introductory, intermediate, advanced and customized classes are offered in the following Microsoft Office 2000 programs:
  • Access - Database application
  • Excel - Spreadsheet application
  • Outlook - Information management system
  • PowerPoint - Presentation and slide show
  • Windows 2000 - Operating system
  • Word - Create documents

Question:   Can I receive continuing education units (CEUs) for these classes? How is that determined?

Answer:   Yes. The International Association developed the rules that govern continuing education units (CEU) for Continuing Education and Training. CEUs are defined “as ten contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction." Or, in other words, one whole unit or 1 CEU is equal to ten hours of continuing education.

Question:   Where are these classes held?

Answer:   Training classes are held at the Alabama State Department of Education, Room 3321, Gordon Persons Building, Montgomery.

Question:   Who can attend these classes?

Answer:   Department of Education employees, Alabama teachers, central office personnel, and support staff receiving authorization from appropriate personnel.

Question:   Are any training programs required?

Answer:   No, training classes are professional development incentives that aide in increased knowledge and efficiency levels.

Question:   Where can I see a schedule of available classes and how do I sign up for these classes?

Answer:   For SDE employees updated schedules are sent via e-mail and you may reply with the classes of your choice. For LEA personnel contact BeLinda Cooley at 334-242-8822 or bcooley@alsde.edu for current and upcoming trainings. Remember to check with your supervisor to receive approval before contacting the Training and Assessment Section.

Question:   If I would like to have training in an area not currently offered, are there other options to get the training?

Answer:   Contact BeLinda Cooley at 334-242-8822 or bcooley@alsde.edu to see if the training can be or will be scheduled in the near future. If not, options will be given for training.

Question:   Does information pertaining to SAT9 come from the Training and Assessment Section?

Answer:   No. Dr. Gloria Turner, Student Assessment Coordinator, and her staff handle assessments concerning students. Dr. Turner can be reached at 334-242-8038 or gturner@alsde.edu. Information can also be found on the Alabama State Department of Education website. Click the Home button on the left. Click on the Sections button and select Classroom Improvement. You will find information under Publications and FAQ.

Question:   Should I accept donated computers for my school?

Answer:   The decision to accept or decline an offer of donated computers for your school can be complicated. There are many important questions to ask, including:
  • Will the computer run the software that your school currently uses?
  • What is the cost of integrating the hardware into your existing networks?
  • Will your teachers or students need additional training to use the computers?   See: www.microsoft.com/education for other questions and answers relative to donating computers to schools.

Question:   What does a donor need to do to donate a PC with the operating system to schools?

Answer:   PC owners have to transfer their license rights to the operating system to your school along with the PC. They may do so as specified in their End-User License Agreement (received at time of purchase) as part of a permanent sale or transfer of the PC.