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ALSDE: Technology Initiatives - FAQs

Question:   How do I register to attend AETC?

Answer:   Visit our website at http://alex.state.al.us/aetc and click on "Registration." You will be linked to an online registration form. Registration generally opens March 1.

Question:   Where can I find information about hands-on workshops offered at AETC?

Answer:   A listing of hands-on workshops with descriptions is posted on our AETC website, http://alex.state.al.us/aetc beginning in mid-late March until conference time.

Question:   Where can I find hotel information for AETC?

Answer:   Visit our website at http://alex.state.al.us/aetc and click on "Attendees," then "Hotel Information". You will find the conference hotels listed, along with addresses, phone numbers, and room rates.

Question:   How can I become a presenter at AETC?

Answer:   You can fill out an "Application to Present" online at http://alex.state.al.us/aetc beginning in September for the upcoming conference the following summer. The applications will give exact deadline dates and instructions for submission.

Question:   When I log onto the AVL website and try to access the databases, I am being prompted for a password. What are the passwords?

Answer:   Unless you are using a dial-up connection, no passwords are necessary to enter the AVL database while in school. Access is by IP authentication and if new computers have been added or moved in your school or system, you may need to email avlhelpdesk@asc.edu for technical assistance. Be sure to click on the Campus & Library tab and not the Home Access tab, if you are accessing the AVL in school. Home Access requires individual User IDs and passwords from the AVL card.

Question:   We are trying to issue AVL cards in our system and cannot get into the website to begin entering students. What am I doing wrong?

Answer:   Make sure that you are going to the correct address (https://www.avl.lib.al.us/cgi-bin/students/student.cgi) and that there are no typos. Make sure that you enter your system User ID and password correctly. The contact person in each system has the passwords if you misplace them.

Question:   Who is the person in my system responsible for the AVL card issue?

Answer:   There is a list of contact persons for the systems posted on the TI web page. This is the person responsible for contacting TI with requests for additional cards, and also for receiving and distributing AVL card issue news to the library media specialists.

Question:   We have a new school in our system and are closing some old ones. When we try to issue cards to our students, our new school is not on the drop-down list. How do we get it put on the list?

Answer:   Contact the avlhelpdesk@asc.edu and they will add it and delete those schools no longer open.

Question:   When is the deadline for full compliance for filtering as required by the Child Internet Protection Act?

Answer:   Systems will be expected to certify full compliance July 1, 2002. Proper documentation of meetings and public hearings must also be on file as required by CIPA.

Question:   What is the maximum amount an LEA may charge for administrative costs for EETT?

Answer:   The state has determined for Title II Part D the amount to be up to 5% from the total allocation for either or both the formula and the competitive award.

Question:   Where can I get ALEX handouts/training materials?

Answer:   Go to the ALEX homepage (www.alex.state.al.us), click on the "Help" button.

Question:   I've forgotten my ALEX password. How can I retrieve it?

Answer:   Click on the "Login" button on the ALEX homepage (www.alex.state.al.us). Then click on the "Forget your password" link. Fill in your account username and email address, and a temporary password will be emailed to you.

Question:   Where do I find out more information about online courses?

Answer:   Go to www.accessdl.state.al.us.