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File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
3-B ARMT MATH Wheel of Fortune.docActivity to be used with PowerPoint PresentationMicrosoft Word55 KB9/11/20094/24/2013
3-D ARMT MATH Stems for Open Ended Questions.docARMT Math question stems to be used in the construction of open-ended questionsMicrosoft Word24 KB9/11/20094/24/2013
3-F ARMT MATH ONLINE RESOURCES.docA listing of suggested on-line resources to be used in ARMT math preparationMicrosoft Word34 KB9/11/20094/23/2013
3-G 1 ARMT MATH ACTIVITIES Probability Exercise-Rock Paper Scissors.docMath ActivityMicrosoft Word44 KB9/11/20094/23/2013
3-G 2 ARMT MATH ACTIVITES Math Songs.docMath ActivityMicrosoft Word70 KB9/14/20094/23/2013
3-G 3 ARMT MATH ACTIVITIES Geometry Awareness Scavenger Hunt.docMath ActivityMicrosoft Word26 KB9/14/20094/23/2013
3-G 5 ARMT MATH ACTIVITIES I Have It directions.docMath ActivityMicrosoft Word30 KB9/14/20094/23/2013
3-H 9 ARMT MATH ACTIVITIES Tessellation T and other strategies.docMath ActivityMicrosoft Word46 KB9/14/20094/23/2013
2-B 2 ARMT Monitoring Student Progress Over Time Handout.docBlank document in WORD to be used in local analysisMicrosoft Word3422 KB9/11/20094/24/2013
ARMT Interpreting Student Group- Reports.pdfGuided instructions on analyzing individual student and group reportsPDF1006 KB9/11/20094/24/2013
QC Alerts for System and Building Test Coordinators Revised 3-19-2013.pdfQualityCore_EOC_Alerts_Building_System_Test_Coordinators_Revised_Spring_2013PDF562 KB4/11/20134/18/2013
QC EOC Alerts for Room Supervisors--Computer-Based Tests.pdfQualityCore EOC Alerts for Room Supervisors Administering Computer-Based TestsPDF235 KB11/21/20124/18/2013
Alabama Alternate Assessment Overview.pdfAlabama Alternate Assessment Overview.PDF95 KB2/20/20134/18/2013
Special_Populations_Manual_Appendix_B_504_Electronic_Forms.pdfSpecial Populations Manual Appendix B Electronic 504 FormsPDF829 KB2/25/20136/28/2013
Special_Populations_Manual_Appendix_C_EL_Electronic_Forms.pdfSpecial Populations Manual Appendix C Electronic EL Forms PDF661 KB2/25/20136/28/2013
Special_Populations_Manual_Appendix_D_Guidance_for_Accommodations.pdfSpecial Populations Manual Appendix D Guidance for AccommodationsPDF116 KB2/25/20136/28/2013
Special_Populations_Manual_Appendix_E_Requesting_SDE_Approval_Form.pdfSpecial Populations Manual Appendix E Electronic Requesting SDE Approval FormPDF186 KB2/25/20136/28/2013
Special_Populations_Manual_Appendix_F_Test_Security_Policy_Form.pdfSpecial Populations Manual Appendix F Electronic Test Security and Confidentiality FormsPDF141 KB2/25/20136/28/2013
Special_Populations_Manual_Appendix_G_Temporary_Emergency_Medical_Form.pdfSpecial Populations Manual Appendix G Electronic Temporary Emergency Medical Form PDF147 KB2/25/20136/28/2013
Special_Populations_Manual_Appendix_A_IEP_Electronic_Forms.pdfSpecial Populations Manual Appendix A Electronic IEP FormsPDF734 KB3/5/20136/28/2013