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ALSDE: LEA Fiscal Accountability - Documents

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PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND FORM.docThis form is required for the State Superintendent's approval of employee dishonesty bonds for superintendents and chief school financial officers.Microsoft Word25 KB9/15/20069/15/2006
Bonding Requirements.docThis document provides information for the bonding of school board employees.Microsoft Word26 KB9/15/20069/15/2006
Accountability Form.docThis form may be used by the Chief School Financial Officer to provide the notification required by the School Fiscal Accountability Act.Microsoft Word30 KB1/11/20131/11/2013
Education Accountability FINAL.docThe State Board of Education adopted rules for meeting the requirements in the Education Accountability Law and the School Fiscal Accountability Law. The Education Accountability Law includes the authority for state intervention an control of school board operations for academic, financial, and safety reasons.Microsoft Word42 KB11/17/200611/17/2006
Posting Check Registers.pdfIn September 2009 the Alabama Board of Education adopted a requirement that each local board of education post a monthly check register to the local internet web site. This document provides guidance about the monthly posting requirements.PDF71 KB10/23/200910/23/2009
Public Official Bond Instructions.docThis document contains the instructions for meeting the filing requirements for the bonds of superintendents and chief school financial officers.Microsoft Word120 KB9/15/20069/15/2006