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ALSDE: LEA Fiscal Accountability - Documents

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File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
Audit Findings.docThis document contains findings and recommendations for corrective actions from the audit reports of Alabama school boards.Microsoft Word58 KB2/20/20062/20/2006
Guidelines for School Related-Organizations Final.pdfThese guidelines provide financial accountability requirements for booster clubs, parent-teacher groups, and other school-related organizations. PDF256 KB11/18/200711/18/2007
Affirmation of Your Tax Exempt Status.docThe IRS will provide a "government affirmation letter" free of charge. This letter may be of assistance when you are asked to provide a tax exempt number.Microsoft Word26 KB5/8/20085/8/2008
School Parking and Locker Fees.pdfThis document contains new guidance for the expanded use of student parking fees and locker rental funds.PDF60 KB6/23/20096/23/2009
SDE Presentation Financial Procedures for Local Finances.pdfThis document displays the SDE's presentation on the Financial Procedures for Local Schools.PDF492 KB6/16/20106/16/2010
State Examiners 2010 Update on Local School Finance.pdfThis document displays the State Examiners of Public Accounts' presentation on local school finance at the AASOP workshop in June 2010.PDF399 KB6/16/20106/16/2010
Local School Financial Procedures.pdfThe Financial Procedures for Local Schools was approved by the State Board of Education on June 10, 2010.PDF573 KB5/1/20145/1/2014