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CATASTROPHIC SICK LEAVE TRANSFER FORM.docThis form contains the information necessary for eligible agencies to use for the transfer of sick leave for the catastrophic illness or injury of an eligible employee.Microsoft Word23 KB4/22/20044/22/2004
LEA Injury Report Form 1.docThis form is an example form for documenting an injury if an employee has suffered an on-the-job injury.Microsoft Word14 KB4/22/20044/22/2004
LEA Physician Certification Form 1.docThis form is an example form for obtaining a physician's certification that an employee obtained an on-the-job injury.Microsoft Word34 KB4/22/20044/22/2004
LEA Reimbursement to Employer Form 1.docThis form is for use by a local board of education to request reimbursement for paying substitutes for the employee who suffered an on-the-job injury.Microsoft Word39 KB4/22/20044/22/2004
Implementing the Military Leave Form 2.docThis form is to be used by a local board of education to obtain certification by the Alabama Adjutant General that an employee's active military service qualifies for military leave differential pay.Microsoft Word20 KB4/22/20044/22/2004
Implementing the Military Leave Bill.docThis document explains the requirements for the employee and LEA when an employee is activated for the War on Terrorism.Microsoft Word31 KB9/11/20109/11/2010
EMPLOYEE LEAVE LAWS.pdfThis document contains a summary of employee leave laws for Alabama public school employees. Included with applicable legal opinions, the summary includes sick leave, personal leave, sick leave banks, catastrophic sick leave, on-the-job injury, leave of absence, vacations, military leave, and military leave differential pay for employees activated for the war on terrorism.PDF155 KB1/28/20131/28/2013
Updated Guidance for Military Leave Differential Withholdings.pdfThe IRS issued revised guidance for military leave differential payments. PDF423 KB6/23/20096/23/2009