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File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
Proportionate Share Calculation.docx Microsoft Word19 KB7/15/20117/15/2011
Special Education Coordinator Questionnaire.doc Microsoft Word28 KB10/24/201110/24/2011
General Information for SSRs.doc Microsoft Word52 KB8/18/20098/18/2009
Technical Assistance Form.07.dotThis is a Technical Assistance form to be completed by the SDE and the LEA when technical assistance is provided.Microsoft Word52 KB10/17/200710/17/2007
16 Reevaluation Process CVF.doc Microsoft Word60 KB8/4/20118/4/2011
03 Autism CVF.doc Microsoft Word69 KB8/4/20118/4/2011
Special Education Plan for Children with Disabilities.dotSpecial Education Plan for Children with DisabilitiesMicrosoft Word80 KB10/11/20078/8/2013
12 Specific Learning Disability CVF.doc Microsoft Word95 KB8/4/20118/4/2011
System Profile Information 2013-2014.pdf PDF95 KB8/28/20138/28/2013
Focus Monitoring Manual 2013.pdf PDF108 KB8/28/20138/28/2013
02 IEP Process CVF 4-12-12.doc Microsoft Word137 KB7/9/20127/9/2012
01 Referral Initial Eval and Eligibility CVF.doc Microsoft Word629 KB8/4/20118/4/2011
07 Hearing Impairment CVF.doc Microsoft Word770 KB11/30/201011/30/2010
04 DeafBlindness CVF.doc Microsoft Word773 KB11/30/201011/30/2010
14 Traumatic Brain Injury CVF.doc Microsoft Word774 KB11/30/201011/30/2010
10 Orthopedic Impairment CVF.doc Microsoft Word776 KB11/30/201011/30/2010
05 Developmental Delay CVF.doc Microsoft Word778 KB11/30/201011/30/2010
15 Visual Impairment CVF.doc Microsoft Word784 KB11/30/201011/30/2010
11 Other Health Impairment CVF.doc Microsoft Word792 KB11/30/201011/30/2010
08 Intellectual Disability CVF.doc Microsoft Word794 KB8/4/20118/4/2011