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KI v Montgomery.docKI v Montgomery Due Process Decision KI v Microsoft Word550 KB5/1/20075/1/2007
RG v Jefferson Due Process Decision.docRG v Jefferson Due Process DecisionMicrosoft Word112 KB5/1/20075/1/2007
Resolution Form DRAFT.rtfThis is a sample form that may be used to document an agreement reached as a result of a resolution session held as part of a due process hearing request.
Contact Cindy Robinson at crobinson@alsde.edu
Rich Text Format49 KB10/12/20065/8/2013
Gifted Dispute Resolution Procedures- 2012.dot Microsoft Word46 KB8/15/20128/15/2012
MM v. Jefferson County.rtf Rich Text Format300 KB7/25/20137/25/2013
LC v. Elmore County.pdf PDF347 KB11/25/201311/25/2013
Process_DPH.pdfProcedures required upon receipt of a due process hearing request. These procedures go into effect July 1, 2005.PDF16 KB9/14/20069/14/2006
Due Process Hearing Request Form.pdfThis is a sample letter that contains all the required components for filing a Due Process Hearing. For more information contact Mr. Clark Waggoner at cwaggoner@alsde.eduPDF12 KB5/30/20138/13/2013
NB v Troy Due Process Decision.pdf PDF105 KB6/14/20136/14/2013
DueProcess_ParentGuide2014.pdf PDF284 KB2/3/20142/3/2014
ResolutionMeeting_ParentGuide2014.pdf PDF267 KB2/3/20142/3/2014
Mediation_ParentGuide2014.pdf PDF226 KB2/3/20142/3/2014
WrittenStateComplaints_Parent Guide2014.pdf PDF225 KB2/3/20142/3/2014
Due Process Parent Guide-SpanishAPR14.pdf DPH.pdf PDF462 KB4/9/20144/9/2014
Mediation Parent Guide-SpanishAPR14.pdf Mediation.pdf PDF317 KB4/9/20144/9/2014
Res Mtg Parent Guide-SpanishAPR14.pdf Resolution.pdf PDF335 KB4/9/20144/9/2014
WSC Parent Guide-SpanishAPR14.pdf Complaints.pdf PDF380 KB4/9/20144/9/2014
Dispute Resolution Q and A 07232013.pdf PDF643 KB7/24/20137/24/2013
NB v. Demopolis Due Process Decision.pdf PDF243 KB12/6/201212/6/2012
JS v Sumter County Due Process Decision.pdf PDF158 KB12/6/201212/6/2012