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Help for Administrators 2013.pdfThis guide is designed to assist school administrators in increasing their knowledge of a school’s obligation for implementing the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), to provide assistance for them in making legally sound decisions, and to assist them in avoiding common legal mistakes. PDF460 KB6/23/20146/23/2014
New_Diploma_FAQs_Revised_January_2014.pdf PDF133 KB1/15/20141/15/2014
Dispute Resolution Q and A 07232013.pdf PDF643 KB7/24/20137/24/2013
QandA_Standards-Based_IEPs.pdfThese are questions and answers related to developing Standards-Based IEPs.PDF148 KB2/11/20136/24/2013
Q and A--Placed by Their Parents at Private Schools.docQuestions and Answers On Serving Children With Disabilities Placed by Their Parents at Private SchoolsMicrosoft Word24 KB2/26/20096/24/2013
Complaint Q and A from Alabama-2007.pdfThis document gives answers about the special education 60-Day State Complaint process. For more information contact Mrs. Camilla Gibson at cgibson@alsde.edu or Mr. Clark Waggoner at cwaggoner@alsde.edu PDF26 KB7/2/20086/24/2013
Q and A - Alabama Extended Standards.pdfThese are questions and answers related the Alabama Extended Standards. Contact: DaLee Chambers, daleec@alsde.edu PDF18 KB4/2/20086/24/2013
Q and A About Mediation-2007.pdf PDF17 KB2/15/20086/24/2013
Assessment Q and A .docAssessment Questions and Answers. For use as technical assistance. Contact: Clare Ward at cward@alsde.edu.Microsoft Word97 KB12/19/20076/24/2013