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CASE2014Preschool.pptxStandards Based IEP’s for Preschool Children Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation14973 KB3/5/20143/5/2014
Conversion Chart-Age to Standard Score.pdf PDF152 KB3/6/20086/24/2013
Developmental_Standards_handbook.pdf PDF30101 KB7/10/20127/10/2012
Early Learning Progress Profile (ELPP).pdf PDF115 KB3/5/20093/5/2009
Early Learning Progress Profile Documentation Form.docx Microsoft Word88 KB7/22/20137/22/2013
EETS spreadsheet.xls Microsoft Excel1076 KB8/15/20088/15/2008
EI Conf ELPP Its AboutTeamwork.pptxThis Power Point was presented at the EI and Preschool Conference in November 2013. It contains information on Indicator 7, Alabama Developmental Standards, Alabama’s Early Learning Progress Profile(ELPP), ELPP Documentation, ELPP Website, ELPP Spreadsheet, and ELPP Entry/Exit Data. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation3304 KB2/14/20142/14/2014
EI Conf Preschool Updates Nov 2013.pptxThis power point was presented at the Early Intervention and Preschool Conference in November, 2013. It contains information on the following: Plan 2020, Alabama Developmental Standards for Preschool Children, Preschool Indicators 6, LRE Codes, Indicator 7, ELPP Entry and Exit Data, ELPP Documentation, the ELPP Website, Indicator 12, EI to Preschool Transition, and Screening. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation4937 KB2/14/20142/14/2014
ELPP Electronic Tracking System Made Easy.pdf PDF18 KB8/15/20088/15/2008
ELPP Entry Forms 2011.dotThe ELPP Entry forms are designed to be used with the new Alabama Developmental Standards for Preschool Children and match the new Web-based version of the ELPP.Microsoft Word197 KB9/15/20119/15/2011
ELPP ETTS cam 2.wmvELPP ETTS camapplication/wmv30109 KB8/15/20088/15/2008
ELPP Exit Forms 2011.dotThe ELPP Exit forms are designed to be used with the new Alabama Developmental Standards for Preschool Children and match the new Web-based version of the ELPP.Microsoft Word198 KB9/15/20119/15/2011
ELPP WebEx9-8-11PDF.pdfPower point of instructions for using the new ELPP Web-based programPDF10094 KB12/15/201112/15/2011
Evidence based practices.pptxDr. Rose Iovannone has granted permission to share her presentation from The 2009 EI/Preschool Conference on this website. This is presentation 2 of 2.Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation5712 KB12/3/200912/3/2009
Family Focus Interview-ELPP Documentation 6.6.13.docxFamily Focus Interview (FFI) is intended to document strengths, needs and concerns related to the child. The entire form should be completed by LEA personnel through interview format with the parent or guardian. This form is required for preschool DD criteria and to assist with documenting ELPP levels of progress.Microsoft Word34 KB6/7/20136/7/2013
MEGA 2013 Preschool Updates.pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation5048 KB7/22/20137/22/2013
Natural Environment Observation.ELPP Documentation 7.22.13.docx Microsoft Word31 KB7/22/20137/22/2013
PREP PRESCHOOL Initial Intake Form.doc Microsoft Word60 KB2/4/20092/27/2012
PREP Program.pdf PDF120 KB1/30/20092/27/2012
PRESCHOOL CONSULTATION SERVICES WHO WE ARE.doc Microsoft Word36 KB2/4/20092/27/2012