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ALSDE: Transportation - Documents

File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
School Bus Safety Rules for Motorists.doc Microsoft Word24 KB4/1/20024/1/2002
School Bus Safety.doc Microsoft Word20 KB4/1/20024/1/2002
School Bus Safety Points.docStudents riding a school bus should always: During the school bus ride: Motorists should:Microsoft Word28 KB4/3/20024/3/2002
Frequently Asked Questions.docPupil Transportation Microsoft Word68 KB9/30/200210/2/2002
Preschool Transportation Guidelines.docNHTSA Guideline for the Safe Transportation of Pre-School Age Children in School BusesMicrosoft Word36 KB11/7/200211/7/2002
Moving Kids Safely - Charter Buses.pdfValuable tools for any entity that may contract with motor coach operations for transportation.PDF218 KB9/10/20039/10/2003
Guideline 17.docHighway Safety Program Microsoft Word33 KB2/5/20042/5/2004
Commercial Driver License Manual Chapter 10 School Bus Endorsement.docThis new chapter will be added to the Alabama Commercial Driver License Manual beginning January 1, 2005. It should be studied in preparation for the "S" endorsement test that will be required of school bus drivers beginning January 25, 2005.Microsoft Word962 KB9/30/20049/30/2004
Special Education - Rules of State Board of Education.rtfDocument contains all rules of state board of education with regard to special education including transportationRich Text Format418 KB9/30/20049/30/2004
School Bus Safety Tips Brochure.pdfSchool bus safety tips for children, parents, and school bus drivers.PDF71 KB5/10/20055/10/2005
Suggested Activities for School Bus Safety Week.doc Microsoft Word28 KB9/6/20059/6/2005
Driver License Office Schedules.docA listing of all CDL/DPS licensing offices. Microsoft Word174 KB6/22/20066/22/2006
Alabama Law - Illegal School Bus Passing - Act 2006-311.pdfThis new law provides for increased penalties for motorists who illegally pass a school bus that is stopped to load or unload students. Effective date of this law is October 1, 2006. PDF127 KB7/10/20067/10/2006
Alabama Law - Section 32-5-8.docSchool bus specifications and operation.Microsoft Word19 KB7/10/20067/10/2006
Alabama Law - Section 16-13-233.docAllowance for transportation funding.(2-mile waiver)Microsoft Word24 KB7/10/20067/10/2006
Alabama Law - Section 16-27-1.docState Board of Education to prescribe rules and regulations for transportation.Microsoft Word20 KB7/10/20067/10/2006
Alabama Law - Section 16-27-2.docTransportation of community, junior and technical college students on public school buses. Microsoft Word20 KB7/10/20067/10/2006
Alabama Law - Section 16-27-3.docSafety inspections; reporting and remedying deficiencies; records and reportsMicrosoft Word22 KB7/10/20067/10/2006
Alabama Law - Section 16-27-4.docLicensing of drivers.Microsoft Word24 KB7/10/20067/10/2006
Alabama Law - Section 16-27-5.docMonthly safety inspectionsMicrosoft Word20 KB7/10/20067/10/2006