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File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
LEA Equipment Summary Sheet - Formula Funds.xlsxLEA Equipment Summary Sheet - Formula FundsMicrosoft Excel24 KB6/12/20146/12/2014
Budget Approval Form - Grant Funds.xlsxBudget Approval Form - Grant FundsMicrosoft Excel17 KB6/12/20146/12/2014
Budget Approval Form - Formula Funds.xlsxBudget Approval Form - Formula FundsMicrosoft Excel24 KB6/12/20146/12/2014
Awards.xlsxAwardsMicrosoft Excel23 KB5/21/20145/21/2014
2014_CT_Bond_Detail_Final_School_List.xlsx Microsoft Excel15 KB5/15/20145/15/2014
Occupational Proficiency Requirements.docxOccupational Proficiency RequirementsMicrosoft Word22 KB5/13/20145/13/2014
RFP and Formula Bond Awards for ALSDE Website.xlsxRFP and Formula Bond AwardsMicrosoft Excel24 KB5/13/20145/13/2014
2014 CT BondDetail - Final School List.xlsx2014 CT Bond Information - Final School ListMicrosoft Excel14 KB5/13/20145/13/2014
Health Science-Specialty Area and CT ABC.docxHealth Science-Specialty Area and CT ABCMicrosoft Word139 KB5/9/20145/9/2014
Technical Education-Specialty Area.docxTechnical Education-Specialty AreaMicrosoft Word136 KB5/9/20145/9/2014
CT-ABC.docxCT-ABCMicrosoft Word99 KB5/9/20145/9/2014
LEA Form 14-1 Cert of Continued Compliance 2013-2014.docLEA Form 14-1 Cert of Continued Compliance 2013-2014Microsoft Word74 KB5/2/20145/2/2014
Stackable Credentials.docxStackable CredentialsMicrosoft Word25 KB4/2/20144/2/2014
Career Readiness Indicators Updated.docxCareer Readiness IndicatorsMicrosoft Word38 KB3/21/20143/21/2014
REGISTRATION 2014.docxFCCLA REGISTRATION 2014Microsoft Word100 KB1/7/20141/7/2014
CIT - 2014 - FBLA Competitive Events Guidelines -Alabama High School.docxCIT - 2014 - FBLA Competitive Events Guidelines -Alabama High SchoolMicrosoft Word393 KB11/8/201311/8/2013
NIMS 13-14.docNIMS 13-14Microsoft Word406 KB11/4/201311/4/2013
Student Awarded Microsoft Office Master Certification.pdfStudent Earns Microsoft Office Master CertificationPDF26 KB10/30/201310/30/2013
2014 Opening Doors College Challenge Access Model Program Grant RFP.docx2014 Opening Doors College Challenge Access Model Program Grant RFPMicrosoft Word319 KB10/25/201310/25/2013
NCCER 13-14.docNCCER 13-14.docMicrosoft Word140 KB10/11/201310/11/2013