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2014 Legislative Tracking

Legislation headings in BLUE and noted with a * pertains to state employees/state government related issues.

Legislation headings in GREEN and noted with a ** pertains to K-12 education employees/ K-12 education related issues as well as state employees/state government related issues.

Legislation headings in ORANGE are Resolutions (Simple or Joint) and pertain to K-12 public education employees and/or K-12 public education related issues OR state employees and/or state government related issues.

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BillBill DescriptionSponsorCommitteeStatusLast Action DateRelated BillsAmendments
SB0184ETF BUDGET - FY '2015. This bill makes appropriations for the support, maintenance and development of public education in Alabama, for debt service, and for capital outlay for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2015.

Sen. Trip PittmanENACTEDACT 2014-4564/11/2014ETF Spreadsheet
HB0030* STATE GOVERNMENT- ALABAMA ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT - AGENCY RULE WITHDRAWAL. Under existing law, the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act governs the procedures for state agencies to adopt rules. The Joint Committee on Administrative Regulation Review may allow an agency to withdraw a proposed rule. This bill would allow an agency to withdraw a proposed or certified rule instead of requiring the joint committee to act on a request by an agency to withdraw the rule.

Rep. Victor GastonENACTEDACT 2014-4574/11/2014
HB0472CHANCELLOR OF DPE AUTHORITY TO APPOINT INTERIM EXECUTIVE OFFICER. Under existing law, the president of a two-year school or college under the auspices of the State Department of Education is an executive officer to whom certain interim appointment term limits apply. Also under existing law, the applicable board may temporarily fill the position of executive officer on an interim basis for not more than two six-month periods. This bill would authorize the Chancellor of Postsecondary Education, subject to the rules and procedures of the State Board of Education, to appoint an interim executive officer to serve as the president of any two-year school or college under the auspices of the State Department of Education for such terms as the Chancellor determines to be in the best interests of the two-year school or college.

Rep. Ron JohnsonENCTEDACT 2014-4484/10/2014
HB0316ADDITIONAL MONEY FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS – PISTOL FEE - JEFFERSON COUNTY [LOCAL LEGISLATION]. This bill would designate a portion of the $7.50 pistol fee as follows: Two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) shall be distributed to a fund in the county treasury designated the Jefferson County Legislative Delegation Office Fund. Any amounts previously distributed and not expended shall be transferred to the fund. Any amounts in the fund over one hundred twenty thousand dollars ($120,000) on the effective date of the act amending this subdivision shall thereafter be distributed to the public school systems in the county on a pro rata basis based on the number of school students in each school system to the total number of students in the county based on enrollment numbers for the 2013-2014 school year as reported to the State Department of Education.

Rep. Jim CarnsENACTEDACT 2014-4544/10/2014
SB0297CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. This bill would set into law specific procedures for managing or regulating a sex offender’s presence on a school campus. Specifically, the new section adds language to prohibit a sex offender convicted of a sex offense involving a minor from entering the property of a K-12 school while school is in session or attending any K-12 activity unless the offender does all of the following: (1) Notifies the principal, or his designee, before entering onto the property or attending the K-12 activity, (2) Immediately reports to the principal, or designee, upon entering the property or arriving at the K-12 activity, (3) Complies with any procedures established by the school to monitor the whereabouts of the sex offender for the duration of his/her presence on the school property or K-12 activity, (4) For a public K-12 school, the local school board shall adopt a policy to accomplish these things, (5) Limits procedures to rules that allow the principal, or designee, to monitor the adult sex offender, and (6)Defines a school activity as an activity sponsored by a school in which students in grades K-12 are the primary intended participants or audience. It includes, but is not limited to school instructional time, after school care, after school tutoring, athletic events, field trips, school plays or assemblies.

Sen. Vivian FiguresENACTEDACT 2014-4214/10/2014
SB0057ALABAMA SAFE AT SCHOOLS ACT. Under existing law, the practice of nursing includes the administration of medications. Existing rules of the State Board of Nursing authorize a school nurse to delegate certain tasks to assistive personnel in a school setting. This bill would require each local board of education to ensure that each student in the school system with an identified diabetic medical condition receives appropriate care as specified in the student's Individual Health Plan. This bill would provide for the delegation of specific medical procedures to non-medically trained school personnel for students enrolled in public schools based on the recommendations contained in a student's Individual Health Plan for students with diabetes. This bill would also require guidelines for the required training of non-medically trained school personnel in the administration of specific medical procedures for diabetes care to be developed by the State Department of Education in consultation with the Alabama Board of Nursing. This bill would limit the liability of public schools and non-medically trained school personnel providing diabetic care under this act, and further to provide immunity from civil lawsuit for physicians, certified registered nurse practitioners, and physician assistants acting pursuant to the act.

Sen. Jabo WaggonerENACTEDACT 2014-4374/10/2014
SB0010DISSOLUTION OF FOUNDATION FOR LOCAL SCHOOLS. Under existing law, the Foundation for Local Schools was created by legislative act as a public corporation to accept and invest private donations for the enhancement of public K-12 schools. Existing law also requires, upon dissolution of the foundation, for monies in the accounts of various school systems to be disbursed to local school systems and monies remaining in various participating trusts to be returned in whole to the treasurer of each applicable trust fund. This bill would dissolve the foundation and provide for the disbursement of the funds held in the accounts of the foundation.

Sen. Gerald AllenENACTEDACT 2014-3724/9/2014
SB0267* RETIRED STATE EMPLOYEES – LUMP SUM PAYMENT. This bill provides for a funded one-time lump-sum addition to the retirement benefits of certain retirees and beneficiaries of the Employees' Retirement System. The formula for calculating the lump-sum payment shall be two dollars ($2) per month for each year of service attained by the retiree or $300.00 whichever is greater.

Sen. Del MarshENACTEDACT 2014-4294/9/2014
HB0156ANAPHYLAXIS PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM FOR SCHOOLS. This bill would require the State Department of Education to develop, and each local board of education to adopt, an anaphylaxis preparedness program. This would require implementation of the program by each local board of education commencing with the 2015-2016 scholastic year. This bill would also authorize the lead nurse employed by the local board of education to collaborate with a local physician to develop and maintain a protocol for emergency response that includes a supply of premeasured, autoinjectable epinephrine on each public school campus.

Rep. Mark TuggleENACTEDACT 2014-4054/9/2014
HB0191WITHDRAWAL TO ONLINE SCHOOL – NOT COUNTED AS DROPOUT. This bill would prohibit any child who withdraws from a public school in order to enroll in and attend an accredited online school from being considered a dropout or non-graduate for the purpose of determining graduation rates.

Rep. Kerry RichENACTEDACT 2014-4034/9/2014
HB0367* STATE EMPLOYEES – CONDITIONAL COST-OF-LIVING-INCREASE (UP TO 4%).This bill would provide a salary increase of up to four percent (4%) beginning October 1, 2014, for state employees and others, conditioned upon the availability of funds in the State General Fund, the recommendation of the Finance Director, and the approval of the Governor. As amended, this bill also provides for a one-time lump sum bonus of $400 to be received on December 1, 2014.

Rep. Steve ClouseENACTEDACT 2014-3514/8/2014
HB0229CHILDREN FIRST TRUST FUND. Under existing law, Children First Trust Fund programs are required to be funded through a separate appropriation in a separate act. This bill would make an appropriation of $40,972,964 from the Children First Trust Fund for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2014, to the entities and for the purposes designated in Section 41-15B-2.2, Code of Alabama 1975. This bill would provide for the deposit of tobacco settlement revenues into the Children First Trust Fund, would require the State Director of Finance to notify each agency in writing of the amount of each agency's anticipated allocation, would require quarterly allocation to each agency, and would condition allocations upon the receipt of tobacco funds. This bill would provide for the transfer to the State General Fund during fiscal year 2015 that portion of Children First Trust Fund receipts currently allocated for the State Board of Education. This bill would make an appropriation of $44,875,562 from other tobacco settlement funds for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2015. This bill would also make a conditional appropriation and allocation of any additional tobacco revenue on recommendation of the Director of Finance, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means General Fund Committee and the Chairman of the Senate Finance and Taxation-General Fund Committee, and approval of the Governor.

Rep. Steve ClouseENACTEDACT 2014-3184/7/2014
SB0120** LOCAL EDUCATION AND STATE GOVERNMENT – RETIRED PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT. Under existing law, retirees under the Teachers' Retirement System and the Employees' Retirement System may be compensated for limited part-time state employment. This bill would allow part-time service by a retiree as an independent contractor. This bill would also require the employing authority to pay the employer contribution for each retiree. This bill would also require the retiree to provide written notice of the postretirement employment to the appropriate retirement system.

Sen. Arthur OrrENACTEDACT 2014-2974/7/2014
HB0083PENNY TRUST FUND. This bill authorizes the State Comptroller to transmit these funds to the State Board of Education for disbursement.

Rep. Laura HallENACTEDACT 2014-3144/7/2014
HB0129STATE AND LOCAL SALES TAX EXEMPTIONS FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES. This bill specifically states that private educational institutions operating within the State of Alabama offering conventional and traditional courses of study, such as those offered by public schools, colleges, or universities within the State of Alabama; but not including nurseries, day care centers, and home schools shall retroactively be exempt from sales & use tax as it applies to lunches sold to both public and private school children within school buildings.

Rep. Mary Sue McClurkinENACTEDACT 2014-3254/7/2014
SB0075MENINGOCOCCAL MENINGITIS INFO. This bill would require local school systems to provide information on meningococcal meningitis disease and its vaccine to parents and guardians of students whenever other health information is provided.

Sen. Tammy IronsENACTEDACT 2014-2744/2/2014
SB0038PRIVATE, NON-PUBLIC AND CHURCH SCHOOLS OVERSIGHT EXEMPTION. This bill would clarify that private, nonpublic, and church schools offering instruction in grades K-12, are not subject to licensure or regulation by the State Department of Education. This bill also prohibits any public two-year or four-year institution of higher education from denying admittance to an otherwise qualified student on the basis that the student was home schooled or attended private, nonpublic, or church school. This bill would also prohibit the State Department of Education from denying certification to an otherwise qualified person on the basis that the person was employed by an elementary or secondary private, nonpublic, or church school.

Sen. Dick BrewbakerENACTEDACT 2014-2454/2/2014
HB0362GAP INSURANCE FOR K-12 PUBLIC SCHOOL BUILDINGS. This bill would require the risk manager, with the approval of the Finance Director, to develop a program of coverage under the State Insurance Fund to provide, within reasonable limitations and using gap coverage and gap plus coverage, proceeds sufficient to allow a K-12 public school building that has been rendered a total loss as a result of covered peril to be reconstructed with materials superior to its original construction and in an increased size if appropriate based upon current construction standards and occupancy.

Rep. Rod ScottENACTEDACT 2014-2614/2/2014
SB0007REPEAL OF UNFUNDED MANDATE LANGUAGE FOR LOCAL BOARDS OF EDUCATION [CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT]. This bill proposes an amendment to Alabama’s Constitution that would remove the current exception that allows for legislation to be passed even though it may have the effect of increasing expenditures by local boards of education albeit not providing the money for local boards to pay for those expenditures.

Sen. Dick BrewbakerENACTEDACT 2014-1853/18/2014
HB0384CAREER TECH DUAL ENROLLMENT PROGRAMS - INCOME TAX CREDIT. This bill would provide a state income tax credit to individuals and businesses that make contributions to the Department of Postsecondary Education for qualifying educational expenses directly associated with the Career-Technical Dual Enrollment Program as defined by the State Board of Education.

Rep. Mac ButtramENACTEDACT 2014-1473/11/2014
HB0064** EDUCATION EMPLOYEES AND STATE EMPLOYEES - IMMUNITY FOR CERTAIN EMPLOYEES OF LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS AND OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS OF THE STATE. This bill would specify in statute that an officer, employee, or agent of the state, including any employee of the State Board of Education or any local board of education, in his or her official capacity is immune from liability in any suit pursuant to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901. This bill would also specify in statute that an officer, employee, or agent of the state, including any employee of the State Board of Education or any local board of education, is not personally liable for any act that is incident to or within the scope of the duties of the person's position of employment with, or relationship to, the state and that involves the exercise of judgment or discretion on the part of the officer, employee, or agent, unless he or she acts willfully, maliciously, fraudulently, in bad faith, or beyond his or her authority.

Rep. Mike JonesENACTEDACT 2014-1243/5/2014
SB0173** LOCAL EDUCATION AND STATE GOVERNMENT – PURCHASE OF PROPERTY DISCLOSURE. This bill would require disclosure of certain information on the purchase of property by the state or a local governing body.

Sen. Trip PittmanENACTEDACT 2014-1333/5/2014
SB0217ALABAMA WORKFORCE COUNCIL. This bill creates the Alabama Workforce Council, an appointed group of state business and industry senior managers responsible for advising and supporting the Chancellor of the Alabama Community College System and the Superintendent of the Alabama Department of Education. The Alabama Workforce Council will serve as an advisory body in formulating policies, developing innovative educational workforce programming, and discussing issues critical to the workforce development needs in the State of Alabama. The Council will promote, coordinate, and collaborate across prekindergarten-12, two-year colleges, four-year universities, and business and industry.

Sen. Paul BussmanENACTEDACT 2014-162/18/2014