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The E-Rate section is a diverse group that works with both the Alabama Department of Education staff and all of the School Systems across the State. We provide support, consultation and other assistance to help these entities with a variety of educational technology needs from Departmental Data Governance administration to local school and system technology infrastructures.


Alabama has been an active participant in the E-Rate Program since its launch in 1998. The Alabama Department of Education has consistently provided process support and training to Alabama School Systems who choose to apply for discounts available for Telecommunications, Internet Access and Internal Connections. Over the past five years, Alabama schools and libraries have received over $275 million in funding awards for these services used to support and build Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Internet Access/Broadband, and other Telecommunications services identified as eligible services by the FCC.

Alabama K-12 Joint Purchasing (ALJP)

We coordinate and support statewide master contracts for the purchase of Information Technologies by LEAs, schools, other eleemosynary organizations and the ALSDE. These technologies include, but are not limited to, Computer Systems, Network Equipment (wireless and wired), Telecommunications including Broadband, Internet Access and software as identified by LEA and other program participants.


The E-Rate section provides support for:

  • The Data Use and Governance Policy as set forth by the Alabama State Board of Education.
  • Development and facilitation of the Data Use and Governance Policy and procedures.
  • All sections with respect to the reporting of external data to ensure data is meaningful, accurate and is Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliant.
In addition, we:
  • Facilitate data discussions with Information Services.
  • Support Alabama Department of Education Board Members in their use of technology during Board meetings.

We provide LEAs with technical support for specialized systems such as the Professional Development Database Management system (Chalkable-PD). Specialized technical support is provided to ALSDE administration including eBOARD support for the Alabama State Board of Education. We facilitate the distribution of donated IT equipment to schools and school systems.


Office Phone: 334-353-1608 Office FAX: 334-353-4737


Jerome Browning, Coordinator jbrowning@alsde.edu
Lori Newton, Education Administrator lnewton@alsde.edu
Rhett Cutts, Education Specialist rcutts@alsde.edu