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ALSDE: Office of Teaching and Leading

The Office of Teaching and Leading provides services related to teacher/educator recruitment, preparation programs, testing, placement, formative evaluation of educators, professional development, verification of educators’ higher degrees for pay purposes, and identification of highly qualified teachers based on federal guidelines. The Office is responsible for ensuring that Alabama colleges and universities meet the continuously updated teacher education program approval and certification standards adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE). Individuals who satisfy background clearance requirements, complete approved programs in Alabama or present valid professional educator certificates earned from other states, and meet SBE test requirements may apply for Alabama certification. Individuals who meet alternative approach criteria adopted by the SBE may also apply for alternative approach and professional educator certificates. Through EDUCATE Alabama/LEAD Alabama, the Office is responsible for educator and leader formative assessment and mentoring, coordinating the provision of quality professional development opportunities, and identifying Torchbearer schools.

Resource Personnel

Dr. Jayne A. Meyer, Director
Email: jmeyer@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9560

Alabama Teacher Education Information
Dr. Anna Kozlowski, Administrator
Email: teached@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9935

Alabama Teacher Certification Information
(Including Alternative Approaches to Certification and Background Reviews)
Mrs. Sarah Justiss, Coordinator and Certification Officer
Email: tcert@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 353-8567

Alabama Teacher Testing Information
Dr. Jendia Grissett, Coordinator
Email: aectp@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9983

Alabama Teacher Recruitment and Placement Information
(Including Teach in Alabama, an online program that allows users to apply to every school system in Alabama with one electronic application.)
Mrs. Debra Williams, Coordinator
Email: dwilliams@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9935

EDUCATEAlabama / LEADAlabama
(Including work with the Alabama Council for Leadership Development [ACLD], with information about programs and projects accessible via http://alex.state.al.us/leadership/)
Dr. Jayne A. Meyer, Director
Email: jmeyer@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9560