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ALSDE: Special Education

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Crystal Richardson, Coordinator - speced@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-8114

(Emails without subject lines or illegible subject lines will not be opened.)

Special Education Services (SES) provides technical assistance to all education agencies serving Alabama’s gifted children as well as children with disabilities. SES is also responsible for ensuring that education agencies providing services are in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations and for processing all complaints and requests for due process hearings and mediation regarding special education issues.

Here is a listing of information covered by this section. Click on a link at the top of the page to locate any information pertaining to one of the following categories.

Alabama Administrative Code (AAC)
Contact Crystal Richardson, crystalr@alsde.edu or
Alicia Hodge, ahodge@alsde.edu

Alabama Occupational Diploma (AOD)
Contact Alicia Hodge, ahodge@alsde.edu

Contact Clare Ward, cward@alsde.edu

Assistive Technology
Contact Courtney Utsey, cutsey@alsde.edu

Contact Erika Richburg, erichburg@alsde.edu or
Lisa Highfield, lhighfield@alsde.edu

Contact Shirley Farrell, sfarrell@alsde.edu or
Nancy Johnson, njohnson@alsde.edu

Disproportionality (Lee v Macon Consent Decree information)
Contact Special Education Services, speced@alsde.edu

Information regarding federal regulations, special education process charts, discipline, due process, mediation, complaints, education agency plan, FBAs, manifestation determination, and surrogate parents. Contact Special Education Services, speced@alsde.edu.

Focused Monitoring
Contact Special Education Services, speced@alsde.edu

speced@alsde.edu, Information for this area is listed under "Preschool" above.

Information regarding specific areas of disability.

Special Education Forms (Forms)
Contact Special Education Services at speced@alsde.edu and specify what LEA you are from.

Statistical Information
Child Count - Contact Eric Dickson, edickson@alsde.edu
SPP / APR - Contact Susan Williamson, swilliamson@alsde.edu

Special Education Coordinators List, Personnel Recruitment Form, etc. Contact Special Education Services at speced@alsde.edu.