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ALSDE: Technology Initiatives

Ms. Earlene Patton, Coordinator - oti@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9594

Serves as a single point of contact in school system technology planning. This office implements the Alabama Technology Plan for K-12 Education, leads the ACCESS distance learning program, and supports LEAs in technology planning.

It is responsible for responding to requests from organizations and agencies needing technology data and maintaining a database of technology compiled from yearly survey reports.

The Technology Initiatives office coordinates and implements all aspects of the Alabama Educational Technology Conference. Its mission is to use technology as a tool to prepare the student of today to become a productive, contributing citizen of tomorrow.

Alabama Educational Technology Conference
Website: http://alex.state.al.us/aetc/
Contact: Terry Atchison, tatchison@alsde.edu
Phone: (334)242-9594

ACCESS Distance Learning
ACCESS is a statewide distance learning initiative that provides high-quality classroom courses and teachers via technology. Full implementation of ACCESS in the Fall of 2006 ensured that Alabama students, especially those in smaller, rural schools, would have the ability to take advanced level courses and electives that might not otherwise be available to them.
Website: www.accessdl.state.al.us
Larry Raines, lraines@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9594

Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)
Alabama's educational Web portal where teachers and administrators can find courses of study, lesson plans, podcasts and Web resources aligned to Alabama Course of Study content standards.
Website: www.alex.state.al.us
Dr. Shannon Parks, sparks@alsde.edu
Phone: (334) 242-9594

eLearning Alabama
Contact: Cheri Hayes, chayes@alsde.edu
Phone: (334)242-9594

State Technology Plan - Transform 2020

Technology Initiatives Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet on programs in Technology Initiatives.
Contact: Earlene Patton, epatton@alsde.edu
Phone: (334)242-9594

Technology in Motion
  Contact: Cheri Hayes, chayes@alsde.edu
   Phone: (334)242-9594

Technology Standards Code pp. 430-431
(Please scroll to the highlighted area regarding Technology)

The Alabama Course of Study: Technology
  Contact: Don Marchant, jmarchant@alsde.edu, Joan Greene-Fisher jgreene-fisher@alsde.edu, Misty Richardson mrichardson@alsde.edu
   Phone: (334)242-9594


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