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ALSDE: Instructional Services

Program Coordinator, Instructional Services - Robin Nelson
Instruction Phone: (334) 353-1191

The Instructional Services Section is responsible for assisting schools with the frameworks/systems/supports that are needed to provide effective instruction. Primary responsibilities include School Improvement, Response to Instruction, and Making Middle Grades Work. Additional responsibilities include Awards, Grants, Scholarships, Advanced Placement , International Baccalaureate , Instructional Partners , and Instructional Strategies Project. Instructional Services also shares responsibility for social sciences projects, the new College- and Career-Ready Standards for mathematics and English/Language Arts, and High Schools that Work.

Lori Boyd
Regional Planning Team Facilitators
CCRS Rollout

Dede Coe
Alabama Library Media Program
CCRS Rollout

Cindy Freeman
CCRS Roll Out Coordinator
AP-IB Manager

Pat Green
Coordinator Support
Office Staff Support
Field Staff Support

Meg Lowry
Alabama Library Media Program
CCRS Rollout

Lori MaGee
Coordinator Support
Office Staff Support

Phyllis Montalto
Regional Planning Teams Facilitator
CCRS Rollout

Christine Spear
Response to Instruction (RTI)

Carolyn Townsend
Making Middle Grades Work
Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

Catherliene Williamson
Instructional Partners Pilot
Instructional Services Field Staff