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ALSDE: SDE Accounting - FAQs

Question:   1. As an Alabama Department of Education employee, how do I change my beneficiary for retirement?

Answer:   The change must be made on the Retirement Form 100. Additionally, if the member is designating more than one primary or contingent beneficiary, a Form MB, Designation of Multiple Beneficiaries Prior to Retirement must be completed. Forms are available in SDE Accounting, Payroll. Completed forms may be submitted to SDE Accounting, Payroll for routing to the Teachers’ Retirement System or the employee can mail it direct.

Question:   2. As an Alabama Department of Education employee, when am I allowed the addition of dependents to my insurance?

Answer:   a) New employees may elect to have dependent coverage begin on the date their coverage begins or on the first day of any subsequent month following their effective date of coverage b) current employees may add dependent coverage effective on the first day of the month 3) in December, during the open enrollment period. Forms are available in SDE Accounting, Payroll.

Question:   3. As an Alabama Department of Education employee, what percentage of state and federal taxes are withheld from my check?

Answer:   It depends upon the completed IRS Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate and State Form A-4, Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate, which are completed upon employment. Federal and State income taxes will be withheld based on these completed forms (reflects the martial status and the number of allowances) and will remain in effect until the employee completes a new form(s). Forms are available in SDE Accounting, Payroll.

Question:   4. Can I fax a Child Nutrition Programs (CNP) Claim for Reimbursement and when is it due?

Answer:   Yes, the fax number is listed on the claim. Readable faxed copies will be accepted and faxed signatures will be considered as original signatures. The initial claim is due 30 days after the end of the claim month. Please refer to the deadline insert provided with each reimbursement check.

Question:   5. What if my approved CNP programs are not the same as shown on the CNP claim form I received?

Answer:   Do not make alterations to the claim form in order to submit the claim. The claim form is generated based on the approved programs entered into the Child Nutrition System. Differences need to be resolved by speaking with the CNP section. After correcting any erroneous entries, they will provide you with a new claim form.

Question:   6. If I only have a few days in a month, can I add the meals and other data to a previous or a subsequent month’s CNP claim?

Answer:   Meals for a particular calendar month must be reported on that month’s claim. In no case can a claim contain meals or data for other than a single month.

Question:   7. What dates should be entered in “From” and “To” of “Period Covered by This Claim” on the CNP claim for Reimbursement?

Answer:   Enter the first day of the month for which meals are reported/served in the “From” field and enter the last day of the month for which meals are reported/served in the “To” field. The first and last days of the calendar month should only be entered if meals are served and reported for those days.

Question:   8. Who may sign the CNP claim for Reimbursement?

Answer:   For city and county school systems, except in circumstances where an alternate has been bonded, approved and is on file with the Department, it should be the local Superintendent. When Superintendents change, bonds must be approved and submitted to the Department and recorded. For other organizations and institutions, the person signing the claim must be a person listed on the Application/Agreement approved by CNP staff.

Question:   9. What is my CNP Agreement Number?

Answer:   It is the three-character identifier (numbers and/or numbers) that was provided to you when your CNP Application/Agreement was approved. For city and county school systems, it is the three-digit number after the “CLB.”

Question:   10. How is the State Department of Education Audited?

Answer:   The Department is audited by the State Examiners of Public Accounts annually as part of the Single Audit. The Examiners also do a Legal Compliance audit every two years. Federal Agencies such as the U. S. Department of Education, U. S. Department of Agriculture periodically monitor, review and/or perform audits on their specific programs.

Question:   11. What are the current travel rates/state travel rules?

Answer:   Currently, for in-state travel the mileage reimbursement rate is $.485 per mile. The per diem rates are: $75 per day for overnight stays, $11.25 for travel from 6 to 12 hours’ duration, and $30 for travel in excess of 12 hours but not overnight. Out of state travel is reimbursed at actual expenses. Travel rules and procedures can be found in the State Comptroller’s Fiscal Policy and Procedures Manual. Travel is discussed in Chapter 6-Expenditures and Disbursements. This Manual can be viewed at: www.comptroller.state.al.us.

Question:   12. Should claims or invoices be submitted earlier during the month of September due to the close of the fiscal year?

Answer:   Yes, in order to be paid in a timely manner. Each year, the State Comptroller requires Departments to cease processing payment vouchers prior to the end of September to accommodate the year-end closeout for the state accounting system. The Department tries to provide the very latest date as a cutoff to be paid in the current fiscal year. Claims or invoices received after the cut-off date; or with errors not corrected until after the cut-off date will be processed for payment after October 1 (the beginning of the next fiscal year).