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ALSDE: Driver Education - Documents

File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
Driver Ed. Certificate of Completion.docCertificate of Completion for an Alabama Driver Education course.Microsoft Word48 KB8/2/20061/29/2007
Parental Permission Form.docParent permission form for 3rd party testing.Microsoft Word23 KB9/26/20061/29/2007
Letter from Attorney General Troy King.docAttorney General's 2005 ruling that a student enrolled in a SDE approved Driver Education course may drive with the instructor without a learner license.Microsoft Word46 KB1/4/20071/29/2007
3rd Party Driving Skills Checklist.docDriving skills checklist for third party testing...also known as the "robo sheet".Microsoft Word64 KB10/31/200710/31/2007
Driver and Traffic Safety Education Curriculum Manual.docCurriculum Guide for Driver Education in Alabama.Microsoft Word552 KB1/11/20101/11/2010
3rd Party Testing Information.docInformation concerning third- party testing program for Driver Education Instructors. Microsoft Word29 KB9/13/20119/13/2011
Updated Boating Laws.docNew boating laws in Alabama for 2006.Microsoft Word27 KB8/2/20061/29/2007
Alabama Law - Illegal School Bus Passing - Act 2006-311.pdf2006 School Bus Laws. PDF127 KB8/2/20061/29/2007
ChildRestraintLaw.pdfAlabama's 2006 Child Restraint Law.PDF15 KB8/2/20061/29/2007
Move Over Law 06.pdfNew Move Over Law established in the summer of 2006.PDF34 KB8/22/20061/29/2007
Driver Education Testing Funds Increase.pdfMemorandum regarding the Driver Education Third Party Testing Funds Increase.PDF41 KB5/2/20115/2/2011
SRTSAdminGuide.pdfSafe Routes To School Administrator's GuidePDF1234 KB5/27/20095/27/2009
SRTS Presentation Request Form.pdfSafe Routes to School Presentation Request FormPDF53 KB11/23/200911/23/2009
Third Party Testing Allocations FY 2011-2012.pdfThird party testing funds for Driver Education awarded to LEAs based upon their participation in the third party testing process for the 2011-2012 school year.PDF259 KB7/20/20127/20/2012
Safe Routes to School Program.pdfInformation regarding SRTSPDF79 KB9/18/20129/18/2012
2013 Driver Education Summer Conference.pdfInformation regarding the 2013 Driver Education Summer Conference including registration form.PDF61 KB4/1/20134/1/2013
Purchase of State Motor Cars for Driver Education Purposes.pdfPurchase of State Motor Pool Cars for Driver Education Purposes.PDF85 KB9/3/20139/3/2013
Third Party Testing Skills Checklist One Page.pdfSDE/DPS 3rd Party Testing Skills ChecklistPDF76 KB9/3/20139/3/2013
2013 Preliminary Certification and Professional Development.pdf2013 Preliminary Certification and Professional DevelopmentPDF154 KB10/15/201310/15/2013
2013-2014 DE-1 Form.pdf2013-2014 DE-1 FormPDF29 KB10/28/201310/28/2013