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ASA Cut Scores for Grades 5 and 7.pdfASA Cut Scores for Grades 5 and 7PDF10 KB9/26/20114/23/2013
10_Tips_for_Correct_Alignment.pdfAAA 10 Tips for Correct AlignmentPDF10 KB1/22/20141/22/2014
ASA Grade 7 Performance Descriptors.pdfASA Grade 7 Performance DescriptorsPDF13 KB8/25/20114/23/2013
ASA Grade 5 Performance Descriptors.pdfASA Grade 5 Performance DescriptorsPDF13 KB8/25/20114/23/2013
Alabama 2009 Accommodations Survey Preliminary Report Observations.pdf2009 Alabama accommodations survey summaryPDF16 KB12/1/20094/23/2013
AHSGE Individual Cut Scores for Achievement Levels.pdfAHSGE Individual Cut Scores for Achievement LevelsPDF18 KB6/29/20096/28/2013
ARMT Reading Performance Descriptors for Grades 3 5 and 7.pdfARMT Reading Performance Descriptors for Grades 3 5 and 7PDF21 KB3/22/20076/28/2013
1-K EXCEL ANALYSIS ASHGE Social Studies.xls1-K Excel Analysis AHSGE Social StudiesMicrosoft Excel22 KB2/22/20104/23/2013
1-H EXCEL ANALYSIS AHSGE Reading.xls1-H Excel Analysis AHSGE ReadingMicrosoft Excel24 KB2/22/20104/23/2013
3-D ARMT MATH Stems for Open Ended Questions.docARMT Math question stems to be used in the construction of open-ended questionsMicrosoft Word24 KB9/11/20094/24/2013
1-I EXCEL ANALYSIS AHSGE Science.xls1-I Excel Analysis AHSGE ScienceMicrosoft Excel25 KB2/22/20104/23/2013
1-G EXCEL ANALYSIS AHSGE Language.xls1-G Excel Analysis AHSGE LanguageMicrosoft Excel26 KB2/22/20104/23/2013
3-G 3 ARMT MATH ACTIVITIES Geometry Awareness Scavenger Hunt.docMath ActivityMicrosoft Word26 KB9/14/20094/23/2013
1-J EXCEL ANALYSIS AHSGE Math.xls1-J Excel Analysis AHSGE MathMicrosoft Excel27 KB2/22/20104/23/2013
Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test.pdfAlabama Reading and Mathematics TestPDF29 KB2/25/20086/28/2013
3-G 5 ARMT MATH ACTIVITIES I Have It directions.docMath ActivityMicrosoft Word30 KB9/14/20094/23/2013
Participation Rates for 2008.pdfParticipation Rates for 2008-2009PDF32 KB5/20/20104/23/2013
Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing Overview.pdfAlabama Direct Assessment of Writing OverviewPDF34 KB3/21/20076/28/2013
ARMT Mathematics Performance Descriptors for Grades 3 5 and 7.pdfARMT Mathematics Performance Descriptors for Grades 3 5 and 7PDF34 KB3/22/20076/28/2013
3-F ARMT MATH ONLINE RESOURCES.docA listing of suggested on-line resources to be used in ARMT math preparationMicrosoft Word34 KB9/11/20094/23/2013