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Transformation_Tables.pdfTransformation Tables For use with children referred prior to July 1, 1998 for Specific Learning Disability (SLD). Refer to Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 290-8-9-.12, pages 570-572 for specific use.PDF1912 KB12/5/200212/5/2002
Dyslexia Powerpoint.pptPowerpoint presentation: Dr. Louisa Moats,”Dyslexia”, March 4,2004, SDE training,in Montgomery- This presentation was developed by Dr. Moats and shared with participants as part of a 1 day meeting. This is her presentation and if any portion is referenced she must be credited. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation3638 KB3/9/20043/9/2004
Textbook_Alignment_Standards_Form.rtfUse this form for aligning your teaching materials to the standards. Contact: Special Education Services, speced@alsde.edu Rich Text Format24 KB7/30/20048/3/2011
LANGUAGE!_Correlation_to_Reading_Addendum_K-12.rtfLANGUAGE! Correlation to the Alabama Reading Addendum K-12
This document correlates the LANGUAGE! curriculum to the Reading Addendum of the Alabama English Language Arts Course of Study.
Rich Text Format431 KB10/15/20035/8/2013
Functional_Hearing_Assessment.rtfThe functional hearing screening checklist is designed to assess broad hearing responses in children who may not respond to audiometric hearing screening due to limited cognitive abilities or inappropriate processing abilities. The checklist is not designed to determine the level of hearing acuity. The purpose is to show functional responses to environmental sounds in order to differentiate the students who may need further audiological evaluations from those who are able to function in the school environment.
For more information, contact: Jan Enstrom at jane@alsde.edu
Rich Text Format17 KB11/5/20036/28/2013
Functional_Vision_Assessment.rtfVision screening is a very important and often misunderstood component in the evaluations of school-age children. The following guidelines are meant to help understand the need for and the process for screening vision.Rich Text Format201 KB8/19/20036/28/2013
Regression to the Mean Instructions.rtfInstructions for Using the Regression to the Mean, Predicted Achievement Model.
Contact: speced@alsde.edu
Rich Text Format8 KB1/5/20016/28/2013
SLD-1.rtfTable SLD-1, Determining Predicted Achievement for Intelligence and Achievement Tests with Standard Deviations of 15.
Contact: speced@alsde.edu
Rich Text Format24 KB1/5/20016/24/2013
VIcontact02.rtfVisual Impairment Contact Information for LEA technical assistance. Also included is Orientation and Mobility Information, and Large Print or Braille Information. Rich Text Format11 KB2/8/20028/15/2011
BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTION PLAN REVIEW DOCUMENTATION.rtfThis is a sample form.Rich Text Format27 KB6/28/20056/28/2005
Annual Goal Progress Report Template.dotNew mandated form as of 5/26/2006.Microsoft Word79 KB7/31/20067/31/2006
Resolution Form DRAFT.rtfThis is a sample form that may be used to document an agreement reached as a result of a resolution session held as part of a due process hearing request.
Contact Cindy Robinson at crobinson@alsde.edu
Rich Text Format49 KB10/12/20065/8/2013
Persons Responsible for IEP Implementation.dotPersons Responsible for IEP Implementation. This form replaces the Access to IEP Documentation form. This document is dated 2/02/2007.Microsoft Word42 KB7/25/20077/25/2007
Record of Access to Student Records.dotRecord of Access to Student Records. This form is dated 2/12/2007.Microsoft Word40 KB7/25/20077/25/2007
Training Definitions.docThis is a glossary of Standards-Based IEP terms. It was included in the statewide IEP training (January to March, 2006). For additional information contact Special Education Services. Contact: Special Education Services, speced@alsde.edu Microsoft Word37 KB1/25/20068/3/2011
KI v Montgomery.docKI v Montgomery Due Process Decision KI v Microsoft Word550 KB5/1/20075/1/2007
RG v Jefferson Due Process Decision.docRG v Jefferson Due Process DecisionMicrosoft Word112 KB5/1/20075/1/2007
Assessment Q and A .docAssessment Questions and Answers. For use as technical assistance. Contact: Clare Ward at cward@alsde.edu.Microsoft Word97 KB12/19/20076/24/2013
Technical Assistance Form.07.dotThis is a Technical Assistance form to be completed by the SDE and the LEA when technical assistance is provided.Microsoft Word52 KB10/17/200710/17/2007
SOP Student Input Form.dotThe Student Input Form is dated 02/05/08. The Student Input Form documents student information on accommodations and supports. It is a required component of the Summary of Performance. For information contact Alicia Myrick at amyrick@alsde.edu Microsoft Word58 KB7/24/20088/12/2011