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Transformation_Tables.pdfTransformation Tables For use with children referred prior to July 1, 1998 for Specific Learning Disability (SLD). Refer to Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 290-8-9-.12, pages 570-572 for specific use.PDF1912 KB12/5/200212/5/2002
Dyslexia Powerpoint.pptPowerpoint presentation: Dr. Louisa Moats,”Dyslexia”, March 4,2004, SDE training,in Montgomery- This presentation was developed by Dr. Moats and shared with participants as part of a 1 day meeting. This is her presentation and if any portion is referenced she must be credited. Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation3638 KB3/9/20043/9/2004
Accessing the General Curriculum Presentation.pptThis powerpoint presentation, presented at regional workshops across the state, focuses on accessing general education curriculum through Alabama’s academic standards.Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation262 KB2/2/20052/2/2005
LEA BUDGET FORM LINKS.rtfLink to IDEA Budget form and other information.Rich Text Format5 KB6/23/20056/23/2005
BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTION PLAN REVIEW DOCUMENTATION.rtfThis is a sample form.Rich Text Format27 KB6/28/20056/28/2005
Special Needs Transportation.pptSpecial Needs Transportation Powerpoint.
For more information contact: Joe Lightsey at jlightsey@alsde.edu
Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation215 KB8/23/20058/23/2005
Spanish-Annual Progress Report.pdf PDF37 KB2/7/20062/7/2006
Spanish-Notice and Consent to Provide Temporary Special Education Services.pdf PDF37 KB2/7/20062/7/2006
Spanish-ACCESS TO IEP DOCUMENTATION.pdf PDF23 KB2/7/20062/7/2006
Spanish-STUDENT PREREFERRAL FORM.pdf PDF35 KB2/13/20062/13/2006
Developmental Standards - Ppt Presentation.pptDevelopmental Standards for Preschool Children with Disabilities - This document was developed for use in writing IEPs for preschool children with disabilities. The developmental areas are based on the natural progression of skill acquisition.Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation100 KB4/13/20064/13/2006
Manifestation Determination Requirements.pdf PDF16 KB7/13/20067/13/2006
Annual Goal Progress Report Template.dotNew mandated form as of 5/26/2006.Microsoft Word79 KB7/31/20067/31/2006
Process_DPH.pdfProcedures required upon receipt of a due process hearing request. These procedures go into effect July 1, 2005.PDF16 KB9/14/20069/14/2006
FY06-2245 ADM for State Supported Residential Facilities.pdfDated August 28, 2006.PDF183 KB10/20/200610/20/2006
FY06-2105 Records of Incarcerated Students.pdfDated March 22, 2006.PDF33 KB10/20/200610/20/2006
FY07-2024 Final Regulations for IDEA 2004.pdfFinal Regulations for Implementing the Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004
Memo dated October 23, 2006.
PDF75 KB10/24/200610/24/2006
Spanish-Notice of Intent Regarding Special Education Services.pdf PDF26 KB11/3/200611/3/2006
MW v. Guntersville Due Process Decision.pdf PDF149 KB11/7/200611/7/2006