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ALSDE: SDE Accounting - Documents

File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
21st CCLC CASH REQUEST.xlsForm for submitting requests for 21st CCLC grant fundsMicrosoft Excel19 KB10/24/200310/24/2003
Official Mileage Chart.pdf PDF20 KB1/8/20041/8/2004
contract review report 12-03.xlsCONTRACT REVIEW REPORT FORM to be attached to all contracts of $1,500 or more with individuals & non-govt entities & govt entities outside Alabama & not let by competitive bidMicrosoft Excel21 KB5/28/20045/28/2004
Disclosure Statement.xlsForm completed by contractees which must accompany contracts of $5,000 or more with individuals and non-govt entitesMicrosoft Excel106 KB9/30/20049/30/2004
Bonding Requirements.doc Microsoft Word28 KB9/22/20069/22/2006
PUBLIC OFFICIAL BOND FORM.doc Microsoft Word28 KB9/22/20069/22/2006
Public Official Bond Instructions.doc Microsoft Word124 KB9/22/20069/22/2006
EFT_VENDOR_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZATION_FORM.rtfEFT Vendor Payment Authorization FormRich Text Format49 KB7/13/20097/13/2009
prepaid registration request form.docx Microsoft Word15 KB7/1/20107/1/2010
Meal Reimbursement Form.xlsx Microsoft Excel13 KB8/3/20118/3/2011
Governors request for out of state travel.xlsx Microsoft Excel30 KB10/27/201110/27/2011
Out of State Travel Instruction Matrix.xlsx Microsoft Excel25 KB10/27/201110/27/2011
OOS Travel Instructions.pdf PDF154 KB5/14/20125/14/2012
missing meal receipt form.pdf PDF28 KB2/20/20132/20/2013
Matrix Instruction Guidelines.pdf PDF26 KB6/13/20136/13/2013
Out-of-State Travel Matrix.pdf PDF80 KB6/13/20136/13/2013
2014 CT Forms.xlsx Microsoft Excel95 KB8/13/20138/13/2013
Copy of FRMS-5 Oct-2013.xlsx Microsoft Excel41 KB10/4/201310/4/2013
SFA 1B Report of Contest For DPE 01-12-2015.xlsx Microsoft Excel17 KB1/14/20151/14/2015
SFA REVISED Students 1st Act Guidelines --.docx Microsoft Word19 KB1/14/20151/14/2015