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File NameDocument DescriptionContent TypeFile SizeDate AddedLast Updated
ConsentDecreeEntered8-30-2000.pdfConsent Decree Entered 30 Aug 2000PDF1001 KB11/17/200611/17/2006
NoticeofFairnessHearingSpEdLeeMacon.pdfNotice of Special Education Fairness Hearing - Lee v. MaconPDF13 KB11/17/200611/17/2006
ObjectionCommentForm.pdfObjection/Comment FormPDF12 KB11/17/200611/17/2006
MotionforUnitaryStatusExh.pdfMotion for Unitary StatusPDF816 KB11/17/200611/17/2006
June 2008 supplement.pdfAdministrative Code Supplement 2-08. Mailed on June 30, 2008.PDF3293 KB9/11/20089/11/2008
BOAdRulesAmendedSept07.pdfThe rules of the Board of Adjustment. Effective September 2007.PDF84 KB9/11/20089/11/2008
Claim Form (revised 2.2007).pdfBoard of Adjustment Claim Form.PDF101 KB9/11/20089/11/2008
Supplemental Claim Form (revised 2.2007).pdfBoard of Adjustment Supplemental Claim Form.PDF96 KB9/11/20089/11/2008
Death Benefit Claim Form (revised 2007).pdfBoard of Adjustment Death Benefit Claim Form.PDF74 KB9/11/20089/11/2008
Instructions for filing Death Benefit Claims.pdfInstructions for filing death benefit Board of Adjustment claims.PDF12 KB9/11/20089/11/2008
AAPA instruction manual.pdfThis is a copy of the Legislative Reference Service's Handbook for making changes to the Administrative Code. It explains what must be done to ensure that a proposed rule change is effective. However, if you are contemplating changing the Administrative Code, please also contact the Office of General Counsel for additional information and assistance.PDF253 KB9/11/20089/11/2008
Chart of redlined and clean copies to give to the LRS 9.15.08.pdfThis is a chart showing the number of redline and clean copies that the Legislative Reference Service must receive regarding any change to the Administrative Code. PDF9 KB9/15/20089/15/2008
2009 Board meeting dates.pdfA list of Board of Education meeting dates for 2009.PDF46 KB2/11/20092/11/2009
Alabama Statutes concerning the Board of Adjustment.pdfAlabama statutes creating or concerning the Alabama Board of Adjustment.PDF53 KB2/12/20092/12/2009
December 2008 supplement.pdfDecember 31, 2008, supplement mail-out. PDF615 KB2/13/20092/13/2009
Administrative Montly publishing schedule 2009.pdfThe publishing schedule for the Alabama Administrative Monthly, where notice of any proposed Administrative Code change must be published. PDF32 KB2/24/20092/24/2009
290-4-1; Education Accountability.pdf290-4-1; Adopted 7-14-09 Effective ; Education AccountabilityPDF602 KB7/29/20097/29/2009
June 2009 Supplement 09-2.pdfAdministrative Code Supp 09-2PDF8724 KB7/29/20097/29/2009
September 2008 Supplement 08-3 Pt. 1.pdfAdministrative Code Supp 08-3 Part 1PDF6225 KB7/29/20097/29/2009
September 2008 Supplement 08-3 Pt. 2.pdfAdministrative Code Supp 08-3 Part 2PDF6002 KB7/29/20097/29/2009