Every Child a Graduate. Every Graduate Prepared.

ALSDE Offices

Below are the offices within the Alabama State Department of Education. To access information about a specific office, click on the office's name.


The Communication Section uses a plan of aggressive communications to increase awareness and understanding of the State Board of Education’s high academic standards, goals and initiatives, and policies. The section also publishes Alabama Education News, directs news media relations, coordinates various teacher and school recognition programs, and conducts public information efforts.

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Office of Student Learning

The Office of Student Learning (OSL) exists to support districts and schools in improving the learning for all students. The following SDE sections comprise the OSL and are committed to working together to provide a seamless system of service to districts:

Office of Learning Support

The Office of Learning Support was created under the new organizational structure of the State Department of Education to combine all resources that support student learning and to enhance opportunities for teaching and leading that positively impact student achievement. The sections within the Office of Learning Support provide technical assistance for local education agencies and schools, ensure that schools and districts are in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, and provide guidance and training in numerous areas. With the sections working collaboratively, schools and local districts are able to develop holistic plans that render improved instructional programs for increased academic achievement.

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Office of Teaching & Leading

The Office of Teaching and Leading provides services related to teacher/educator recruitment, preparation programs, testing, placement, formative evaluation of educators, professional development, verification of educators’ higher degrees for pay purposes, and identification of highly qualified teachers based on federal guidelines. The Office is responsible for ensuring that Alabama colleges and universities meet the continuously updated teacher education program approval and certification standards adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE). Individuals who satisfy background clearance requirements, complete approved programs in Alabama or present valid professional educator certificates earned from other states, and meet SBE test requirements may apply for Alabama certification. Individuals who meet alternative approach criteria adopted by the SBE may also apply for alternative approach and professional educator certificates. Through EDUCATE Alabama/LEAD Alabama, the Office is responsible for educator and leader formative assessment and mentoring, coordinating the provision of quality professional development opportunities, and identifying Torchbearer schools.

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Office of Supporting Programs

The Office of Supporting Programs is responsible for the implementation of the Child Nutrition Program, Transportation Program, School Architect, Local School System Fiscal Accountability, and Compliance Monitoring. Our staff consists of well-trained individuals who specialize in these areas. Our mission is to assist schools in providing the best overall educational experiences possible through the effective implementation of each individual program and to assist in making every child graduate and every graduate prepared.

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Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources Section coordinates all personnel actions for all divisions of the Department to include The Office of Disability Determination. This includes all matters related to employee pay, hiring, promotions, terminations, separations, transfers, and retirements. This office also provides services related to performance appraisals and pay increases. All services are provided in accordance with the Rules of the State Personnel Board and departmental policies and procedures. In addition, this office oversees the Personnel Training and SDE PD/PLU sections.

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Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides legal counsel to the State Board of Education, the State Superintendent of Education, and the State Department of Education. The OGC reviews and provides suggestions on interpretation of statutory and case precedent. In addition to legal compliance review, the OGC handles all litigation involving the department, the State Board, and the State Superintendent. The attorneys within the office advise local Alabama school systems as needed when issues of potential statewide impact arise.

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Education Information & Accountability

The Education Information and Accountability team works with both internal and LEAs across the state seeking quality data for the decision making process. Our goal is to assist each section here at the Alabama Department of Education to meet the objectives as set within Plan 2020 as set be Dr. Bice and the State Board of Education.

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Information Systems

The Information Systems section is responsible for all programming, technical, production control, and application development operations within the State Department of Education. Primary responsibilities include database management, software development, technical support, data management and analysis, functional analysis, and project management. Additional responsibilities involve development and maintenance of the State Department of Education’s website, coordination of data systems services to school systems throughout the State, and report preparation and distribution in response to internal and external requests for information. Activities of this section include technical assistance, employee training, inventory and disposition of equipment, and equipment repair and maintenance.

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Research & Development

The Research and Development Section is responsible for utilizing data to examine how current initiatives and educational practices advocated by the Alabama Department of Education and/or Local Education Agencies impact students’ academic and social development. Research and Development is also responsible for delivery of data and analytics necessary to ensure informed decision-making regarding future efforts.

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